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I am a big fan of college football, also college basketball and anything involving Chicago sports teams. Chuck Norris aficionado, father and husband College football takes up the majority of my writing space. Derrick Rose did the right thing, Jay Cutler is underrated and MJ remains the G.O.A.T.

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  • jackets act posted 1954 days ago

    jackets act

  • Earl McClary posted 2496 days ago

    Earl McClary

    Hey Carl, just checking in as it's been about a year now since you sent me a response about Clemson and said that you still had doubts about their defense. Well, now that we have beaten Ohio State in the Orange do you feel about the Tigers now? It looks like Dabo and his coaching staff have landed yet another great group of freshmen recruits including Deshaun Watson who is said to be the best quarterback in the nation for the stye of offense that Clemson runs. And even with loosing Sammy Watkins, the WR core group will be strong and they have signed some highly recruited WR to add to the fireworks. Now if we can just beat SC...proper balance will be restored to the state of SC football. Hope you are having a good off season. Will you be writing articles for Bleacher report in 2014? Best of luck to you.

  • randy steffens posted 2651 days ago

    randy steffens

    as usual, Carl...excellent points made in the "Overlooked" article, which I "looked over" and found nothing too debatable. Kudos.

  • Vagina Boob posted 2661 days ago

    Vagina Boob

    stop writing articles, you are terrible at it

  • randy steffens posted 2686 days ago

    randy steffens

    hey Carl...gonna try again. Couldn't complete the process, the other day, of Commenting. been studying Athlon, Lindy's, & (thankfully they ARE doing a Preview magazine once again) the Sporting News/Street & Smith's. Finished predicting the 851 games involving not only the current 125 teams at the FBS level, but also Appy State, Old Dominion, GA Southern, amd (also - in preparation for 2015, when they join) NC Charlotte's slate for this year. Anxious to start commenting again & of course (unlike Chris Chris - who shouldn't evidently rely on his phone to spel four him...hee hee), look forward to your articles. Which game(s) ya wanna know about, sir ? Take care.

  • Rob Vee posted 2700 days ago

    Rob Vee

    dear god, BR, please strip him of featured columnist......

  • Chris Chris posted 2702 days ago

    Chris Chris

    your awful

  • randy steffens posted 2826 days ago

    randy steffens

    I welcome ANY and ALL "help, with my lil' brudder" - Ha ! Thanks for the feedback, bud; Good Luck with the 'Alvarez project'...hee friggin' hee. Tell him to "watch out for those FCS teams", from a Northern Iowa Panther !?! Catch ya down the road...

  • randy steffens posted 2828 days ago

    randy steffens

    by the way...don't know if you might've read my comment (a few weeks ago) rebutting Barry Alvarez for stating that the B1G now "only wants to play Division I teams". guess our former IOWA assistant (to Hayden Fry) is unaware that programs like Northern Iowa are ALSO "Division I teams". the grouping is, however, broken down into FBS and FCS levels - could you "school" ol' Barry in the right direction, so that he at least sounds "educated" ? Thank You (not from my lil' brudder 'Turk' - who's plagiarizin' my original nickname, or "honoring" it...depending on his comment at the time - Ha !?!) !

  • randy steffens posted 2828 days ago

    randy steffens

    Wow buddy - over a year after you did the fun article involving how several teams got their nicknames, someone must've responded to one of my multiple comments. of course - since there's no date to connect to, I don't know which comment was involved. Anyway - it gave me a good reason to visit that article all over again & it was just as enjoyable as the 1st time through. Hope all is well with ya.