Blaize Pennington

Blaize Pennington


Blaize Pennington has been writing for Bleacher Report for the past two years and recently became a Titans featured columnist. Blaize also writes for a website called

Blaize currently attends MTSU as a Journalism Major and plans to graduate in 2012.

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  • Kyle Langan posted 3551 days ago

    Kyle Langan

    Hey, would you be able to send your e mail to I want to get the B/R community leaders on a mailing list for a press release on behalf of Sports Media 101.


  • Carlos Sandoval posted 3562 days ago

    Carlos Sandoval

    Any relationship to Chad Pennington?

  • Michael Ellis posted 3872 days ago

    Michael Ellis

    Blaize - I'm a Steelers fan, not a Titans fan but interested in your opinion on the Titans bringing in Moss.

  • Araz Eleyasian posted 3942 days ago

    Araz Eleyasian

    Would you mind taking a look at my slideshow?

  • Mike Pendleton posted 4002 days ago

    Mike Pendleton

    Blaize thank you very much for the comment, while I do see your side I was not only grading who the teams picked but how their picks and moves affected their off-season and franchise as a whole (which is the reason the raptors fans hate me)

  • Spencer Tucksen posted 4006 days ago

    Spencer Tucksen

    Hey dude. It would mean a lot of you could check out my two new articles! I just finished them last night. Please and thank you. Feel free to comment and like!

  • Spencer Tucksen posted 4007 days ago

    Spencer Tucksen

    Hey dude, can you check out my latest article for me? Feel free to comment and like! I appreciate it!

  • Tanner Thoms posted 4011 days ago

    Tanner Thoms

    Hey! Would love your opinion on the Chris Johnson contract dispute. It would be very much appreciated.


  • Spencer Tucksen posted 4033 days ago

    Spencer Tucksen

    Hey dude (again, the same opening line), I just finished writing my new article about the running backs who will move up in the Madden ratings system! Thanks in advance for reading!

  • JW Nix posted 4052 days ago

    JW Nix

    The Biggest Oversight in Pro Football History :