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College Football nut, that feels no need in trying to glorify anything that I may have done in the past.

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  • Puppet Master posted 3264 days ago

    Puppet Master

    How many times did I mention Nebraska?

    Doc Masters

  • Ken Slocumb posted 3288 days ago

    Ken Slocumb

    Liked your piece on 10 "under the radar" QB's, but that's not Marqueis Gray in the pic. Gray is No. 5. The player shown is Da'Jon McKnight, WR.

  • Derek Wilson posted 3316 days ago

    Derek Wilson

    Husker Fan - Will you be posting a slideshow for the Kentucky derby like you have for the Belmont? I really liked what you put together last year with an overview of all the horses and predicting Drosselmeyer for the win. Who do you think will win the Kentucky Derby this year? Should we watch out for Calvin with him riding "Twice the Appeal?"

  • james hagan posted 3450 days ago

    james hagan

    I noticed you removed your "College Football's Five Most Overrated Players Entering the 2010 Season" article from your archive. Not happy having such startling evidence of your incompetence as a college football prognosticator out there for all to see, huh? Not to worry! Auburn fans are spreading it around like wildfire on Facebook.

  • Tyler Rutland posted 3459 days ago

    Tyler Rutland

    I know Cam Newton was the worst right! never did anything special HAHAHA!

  • Auburn Fan posted 3460 days ago

    Auburn Fan

    I was just wondering if Cam Newton proved to you that he was not the most overated player entering the 2010 football season?

  • Mary Quince Douglas posted 3461 days ago

    Mary Quince Douglas


  • Raven posted 3506 days ago


    Most Overrated Player by Husker Fan (e.g. Idiot!)

    1. Cameron Newton, QB: Auburn

    I've heard of great JUCO transfers in the past and such, but the glorification of Auburn fans anointing Cam Newton as the new next stud in the SEC has gotten to be, well, beyond ridiculous.

    Yes, Cameron is an incredible talent. Florida didn't recruit and land his talents because he was a bum.

    But...he has never taken a snap in a FBS game in his entire career.

    Yet somehow he is better than Tim Tebow, and will lead Auburn to an SEC title and maybe even a National Title?

    I have no stats to post about this guy other than he has none.

    Good luck with that, Auburn. Good luck in believing that a fourth place team in the SEC West will suddenly compete for the SEC Title while the defending champs are in your division.

    And good luck with putting such high expectations on this kid's head that if he doesn't achieve greatness he'll be a failure.

    Thanks for making my No. 1 spot very, very easy.

  • Puppet Master posted 3534 days ago

    Puppet Master

    Mr. Husker Fan:

    Enjoying your articles and the season is looking good for the Cornhuskers. We knew that didn't we?

    I have a favor to ask of you for this coming weekend.

    You may realize I am running a weekly series on the 35 Bowl game participant projections.

    Naturally I see Nebraska in the BCS Title Game, against Ohio State.

    If you could find some time between now and Sunday evening to do so, could you drop a line on my bio concerning who you yourself predict to be in The FIESTA Bowl this year, and whom do you see in The COTTON Bowl this season?

    These two bowls have Big 12 tie-ins of course and I believe you could have the inside scoop. Don't worry, you will not hurt my feelings if you believe Nebraska goes to one of those games instead of the BCS Title Game, I want to solicit what you think personally for my next edition as you will be noted as a reference.

    Nothing elaborate, just a line about each Bowl game, say whatever is on your mind–Texas vs. TCU in the Fiesta, Oklahoma vs. Alabama in the Cotton, or something such as that. Make it easy on yourself. However, let me know if you can do this and I'll be looking for your 4 teams

    Many Thanks........Doc Masters

  • Puppet Master posted 3568 days ago

    Puppet Master

    Here it is Mr. Husker. I'm putting in writing that Nebraska is the number 1 team in the country in 2010.

    Doc Masters