J. Andrew Lockwood

J. Andrew Lockwood


Sports is one of many loves. I'm the senior editor for the Bear Zone (MercerBears.blogspot.com) and a columnist for Mercer University's Cluster Newspaper. I also work for Mercer Athletics and the Atlantic Sun Conference broadcasting games through webcasts on ASun.TV

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  • Eric Adams posted 3962 days ago

    Eric Adams

    Thanks for the catch. I guess that's what happens when you try to post at midnight. Hope you had a good time in Nashville!

  • JW Nix posted 3962 days ago

    JW Nix

    you may like this :


  • DeAnte Mitchell posted 3971 days ago

    DeAnte Mitchell


  • Ari Kramer posted 3999 days ago

    Ari Kramer

    That's so cool. Must be a good experience.
    Yeah, I saw Mercer was down one with 30 seconds left tonight. That would have been a nice win.
    I don't feel at all confident about Manhattan after their display of basketball yesterday.

  • Ari Kramer posted 4001 days ago

    Ari Kramer

    Looks like James Florence got off to a decent start this year?

  • Ari Kramer posted 4003 days ago

    Ari Kramer

    Hey J. Andrew,
    I'd really appreciate if you could check this out.
    It's a unique article about Manhattan's Devon Austin who is adjusting to his first year of pro ball in Europe and I think it speaks a lot about what these guys need to go through in order to achieve their goal of playing for a living.
    Take care,

  • Pierce Greenberg posted 4227 days ago

    Pierce Greenberg

    Good lordy! No kiddin'! You write a bunch of stuff. What are you majoring in at Mercer? Are you looking at possibly going into sports journalism?

    The only tip I would have for you specifically (which I kinda mentioned in my edit of your article) is to maybe cut back on the depth/length of your articles. I know that sounds strange, but in "the real world" you will never have that much room to squeeze a 500-word golf article on a page. The point of journalism is to say the most important stuff in the least amount of wordage.

    Not only that, but who's going to read a 500-word golf article? We are a society of Twitters and Facebook statuses - nothing over 140 LETTERS, much less 500 words. People want their information quick, fast, and to-the-point.

    For what you're doing on the blog, I think it's just fine. But, in the mean time, maybe you could practice shortening those articles up. Practice writing 100, 200, 300-word articles and trimming them down so that they are strong and lean.

    Otherwise, your writing is really good and really fluid. Definitely solid! Send me a message if you'd ever like me to read over anything!