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  • fatihin nurul posted 438 days ago

    fatihin nurul
  • Matt Gottfried posted 705 days ago

    Matt  Gottfried

    People in Cleveland don't put the Cav's at 3 in the power rankings. Putting them at 3 is doubting the knowledge of that fan base and last time I checked the Cav's won a championship last year.

  • Sana Khan posted 886 days ago

    Sana Khan

    ed writer ever. You literally ruin the B/R experience. I hope you only make minimum wage
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  • LeGod James posted 952 days ago

    LeGod James

    Your articles are so pathetic. Most biased writer ever. You literally ruin the B/R experience. I hope you only make minimum wage as anything higher would be theft.

  • Hakeem Joseph posted 1076 days ago

    Hakeem  Joseph

    hey man, I really enjoy your articles. Im an aspiring sportswriter in high school in Tampa, FL. Im 17 Years Old, and I really base my readings and analyst views after the way you conduct yours. im starting an instagram page and Facebook page named "No Holds Barred" and me and a few friends of mines will be posting our opinions on current sports news at the time, primarily Basketball though. I mean if i could receive a reply from your or anything it'd be great, I just want some tips or just anything. Maybe you might even need at assistant lol.

  • Matt Gallegos posted 1086 days ago

    Matt Gallegos

    Loved your breakdown of the games on Monday (11/30).

  • REDHOOD 10 posted 1126 days ago

    REDHOOD 10

    Hello great game of zone video. Can I know the soundtrack you used for it? Thank you

  • Cleveland Fan posted 1146 days ago

    Cleveland Fan

    Biased to the Warriors

  • Julius Bremer posted 1189 days ago

    Julius Bremer

    Enjoyed your article regarding Kobe. I wholeheartedly agree, ending with the statue comparison was spot on. Those rings have made his rugged individualism stand out as primarily why he is one of the top players ever to play the game. It will presumably be why his possibly last season will end without edging ever closer to standing outside of Michael Jordan's shadow. It will take a virtual miracle for a veteran of his stature to prove all the critics wrong. Part of me wants him too prove them wrong, but his last two seasons makes that seem impossible. To reinvent himself, as a senior citizen of the nba, is rarer than the player himself. If he helps push his team into the playoffs, ends up in the Finals, and presumably beats the Lebron James's Cavs, he will have to be seen as equal to Jordan if not better.

  • Carmelo Notanthony posted 1350 days ago

    Carmelo Notanthony