Hemant has been a writer for Bleacher Report for over five years now. He served as a B/R Featured Columnist between August 2011 and May 2014, and has also been published on The Football Asylum and University Express.

Hemant currently holds the position of Northern India Regional Correspondent for Stadium Journey, the web's premier resource for sports travel:

An ardent follower of Football (Soccer, as Americans know it), Cricket, Tennis and Formula One, he also likes to keep a close eye on the latest happenings in the NBA.

In spite of it all, he is in fact a Math graduate from the University of Delhi. Contrary to popular belief, he is not your typical nerd.

You can follow him on Twitter @hemant_dua

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  • Leo Collis posted 2138 days ago

    Leo Collis

    You're welcome!

  • Meredith Day posted 2522 days ago

    Meredith Day

    Hi Hemant. I just checked the article again, and the videos are showing up properly for me. I'm not sure why it wouldn't be working for you. Maybe try refreshing the page?

  • Sports Lover posted 2555 days ago

    Sports Lover

    When is your next coming?

  • Sports Lover posted 2559 days ago

    Sports Lover


  • Kevin Stott posted 2620 days ago

    Kevin Stott

    Alright. back. Actually read that before on site and enjoyed it. Seriously. Not a BS guy. Was paced perfectly, led to Mourinho crescendo and the candidates made perfect sense. If CFC doesn't make CL, could definitely see Moyes or Zola landing the job. Liked your use of quotes, short paragraphs and the ominous Mourinho picture in his slide. And smart NOT TO put one of your candidates on cover photo and blow the surprise of your choices. Well done.

    And sorry again for the late response. Saw I have one from Vince in there I'm embarrassingly late on getting to. But you know how it is. Plus, I'm into NFL, NBA, MLB, NHL, NCAAB and NCAAF, as well as soccer/football and other so I could use eight or nine days a week and 36-hour days. Running on three hours sleep here in Sin City. Woke at 5:30 a.m. to watch United-Sunderland. Will sleep like a log tonight. Keep up the good work Hemant. and do you live in India still?

  • Kevin Stott posted 2620 days ago

    Kevin Stott

    Just saw your post in this section here brother. Sorry haven't responded but probably look in there once every two months. Will give it a read and report back (March 31).

  • Vince Siu posted 2694 days ago

    Vince Siu

    Thanks for the fan add Hemant. Much appreciated. Hope you get a chance to check out more of my work.

  • Suraj Patel posted 2701 days ago

    Suraj Patel

    Haha, I always rate him above both, and I'm tired of people talking about Maradona and Pele all the time, while forgetting Zizou.

  • Kevin Stott posted 2764 days ago

    Kevin Stott

    Great story on the ref's calls in the MU-Chelsea match. Couldn't agree more on all of them. Hope those two points don't make a difference in the end of the season but somehow I fear they will. Fabulous story idea on your part.

  • ibrahem abed posted 2780 days ago

    ibrahem abed

    hay bro