Ann Gry

Ann Gry


"Soy una madridista y tengo un alma blanca"

I'm a patient Real Madrid supporter, still hoping to see them winning the Treble. I don't want to know the truth.

I started to watch football when my little brother told me that he wants to be a football player. He then moved to hockey and I stayed like an idiot with football.

I'm trying to pay attention to all those insignificant things that men are so excited about. All those beautiful passes, crosses and goals, but the most important thing for me are players. And Real Madrid always had the good looking ones.

Am I one of those girls that watch football for hot players? Yes, I am. So sue me.

Besides football, I like watching Formula 1 at 4 am, dry martini and baking cup-cakes. I learned English from Snoop Dogg's songs, so forgive me my mistakes.

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  • Keith Griffin posted 4049 days ago

    Keith Griffin

    I wouldnt hold your breath Ann. A great team, with great history they may be, along with the worlds greatest players, yet they are run like a cheap pub on the corner.

    Nothing wrong on the pitch that cant be fixed with some great management, yet how can they get that with all the interference? We all know that Pelligrini will be sacked now. Come on, what sort of club is this?

    And yes I am enjoying it. Maybe Ronney will realise the grass isnt always greener on the other side and this may act as a deterrent to other top class players when considering what club to move to.

    But guess what? I fucking hate Barca more. Im hoping we do them in the final.

  • Nathan Lowe posted 4050 days ago

    Nathan Lowe

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  • Keith Griffin posted 4050 days ago

    Keith Griffin

    Oh Ann, the pain you must feel watching the money men fall out of the Champions League at the "minnow stage" for the 6th time in a row must never ease, alas Wayne Rooney will avenge his former team-mate Ronaldo in the final.

    Oh open goal! How could you?