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  • larry higo posted 1960 days ago

    larry higo

    Hey, I listened to the Chronic Saints' Chronicles and learned that there is a job open at NOLA.com as a beat writer. We should all encourage Murf to apply for that as he's so much better a reporter than the fellow on CSC who wants the beat job. We all read NOLA stuff so give a shout to the editor to back Murf. Here's the info to make it easy for you: Ricky R. Mathews, Publisher publisher@nola.com If we can't read his stuff on here, may as well read it on Nola.

  • FEAR THA SPEAR posted 2072 days ago


    Payton man what happened to Miami today? I thought yall would win. Your boy Bello said that Stacey Coley was out I thought he played? That Duke Johnson loss hurt yall a lot, but man i'm shocked at that one. Yall have a good class coming in next year, i'm sure yall will be in contention soon. FSU vs Miami days will be back soon enough. GO NOLES! Hey hope we beat Alabama they talk so much noise on FSU boards now.

  • Will Baldwin posted 2136 days ago

    Will Baldwin

    Maybe this will help Payton:

    1. Todd Gurley (not Duke Johnson)
    2. Lache Seastruck (not Duke Johnson)
    3. T.J. Yeldon (not Duke Johnson)
    4. Mike Davis (not Duke Johnson)
    5. Duke Johnson (feel better now?)

  • Brandon Fouts posted 2166 days ago

    Brandon Fouts

    Hey patton, Why did you say you never wanted Lane in the first place but still follow his recruiting process even after he has committed to another school? You have commented more on the "Lane has committed to Florida" article than any of the Gator fans. It may just be me but I dont typically follow any recruits that I dont care about or see as beneficial to my program. You also said "Real miami fans would never choose Lane over Dixon". Thats true, because Miami fans dont pick recruits, you guys cant even show up to your own games. Dont say your not mad about UF stealing your top recruits right out of your hands when you know you are. UF is gonna embarrass the Canes so bad on sep 7 I just wish your fans were there to see it.

  • David Kenyon posted 2336 days ago

    David Kenyon

    Hey Payton, I will get that article done for you as soon as I finish a couple other topics!

  • Will Osgood posted 2566 days ago

    Will Osgood

    Hey Payton,

    A few weeks ago you commented that you wanted a Mark Ingram article. Well here it is:


    If you enjoy, feel free to comment and/or pass it on to others. Thanks Payton!