David Burnett

David Burnett


David Burnett is an award-winning former TV news anchor and reporter. He is a media consultant, and college journalism lecturer, based in Washington, DC. David is a lifelong sports fan who likes to facilitate reasoned, common sense dialogue about sports, athletes and the issues we are so passionate about.

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  • Alex Johnson posted 3544 days ago

    Alex Johnson

    Will the Colts FINALLY lose today? Find out that and everything else you need to know to be ready for another big day in the NFL right here!


  • Ryan Michael posted 3741 days ago

    Ryan Michael

    This is my exclusive interview with Indianapolis Colts Wide Receiver, Roy Hall. Without question, having been able to conduct this interview with Roy has been my greatest work here on Bleacher Report to date. Find out what Roy has to say about his football career, the players he's worked with, and what we can expect from the Colts in 2009...


    Any feedback you might have would be of the utmost value.

    Hope you enjoy the Interview,
    -Ryan Michael

  • Ryan Michael posted 3751 days ago

    Ryan Michael

    The story of how Marc Bulger became the NFL's most underappreciated quarterback...


    If you have a moment, I'd really like to hear your opinion and any feedback you could give would be of the utmost value.

    Hope you enjoy it,
    -Ryan Michael

  • Ryan Michael posted 3761 days ago

    Ryan Michael

    Peyton Manning has ALWAYS been surrounded by exceptional talent, right? Accurate or not, it happens to be the belief that many football fans have adopted as fact. If you've ever wondered how much support Peyton Manning has really had over the course of his career, you'll find out here...


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    Hope to see you there,
    -Ryan Michael

  • Nathan Bitner posted 3768 days ago

    Nathan Bitner

    Hey David, hope all's going well. I wrote a UNC preview if you're at all interested - I know it's not Big 10. =) Well, we did end up losing Lawson and Ellington as expected and Wall says we're "out of the running" (not that I care all that much), so I've previewed the '09-10 Heels as they stand:


    Hope you get a chance to let me know what you think!

  • Ryan Michael posted 3774 days ago

    Ryan Michael

    I decided that it was about time to write something a but more personal than usual.

    My personal thanks to Sports...


    Any feedback you have time to leave would be of the utmost value,
    -Ryan Michael

  • Huwebes Fernandez posted 3775 days ago

    Huwebes Fernandez


    check out my latest article...an exclusive slideshow about the event called global supremacy... hope to hear from your critical analysis... thanks and good day to you all... hope you leave a comment.. thanks.. :)

  • Ryan Michael posted 3781 days ago

    Ryan Michael

    Who was better, Joe Montana or Steve Young?

    My latest article takes a deep look inside the numbers to find an answer to that very difficult question. I did more research for this article than any other I have ever written.


    If you get the chance, please take a look and let me know what you think. I'd really like to hear everyone's opinion on the topic. Hope you enjoy it!

    -Ryan Michael

  • Ryan Michael posted 3792 days ago

    Ryan Michael

    The story of Reggie Wayne ...


    Hope you like it, would love your feedback.

    -Ryan Michael

  • Ryan Michael posted 3794 days ago

    Ryan Michael

    Hi David,

    I just wanted to take the time to introduce myself to you. My name is Ryan Michael and I am the Community Leader for the Indianapolis Colts here on Bleacher Report. I really enjoyed your Baltimore/Indianapolis article and want to also lend my help and support if you need anything here on b/r.

    Us Colts fans need to stick together and I've been working really hard on keeping the community together.