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Richard earned an MBA from Florida International University in 1998 and has written for Bleacher Report since December 2012. Follow him on Google+ and Twitter Richard began his sports-writing career with PhinPhanatic in March 2012. Richard lives in South Florida and closely follows the Miami Dolphins and Miami Heat.

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  • SteelersAndPinkFloydDiva posted 2323 days ago


    miami heat sucks

  • ninskidog posted 2370 days ago


    How many times are you going to go to the Wilson isn't as good as Tannehill well? The season has Ebb's and flows and you jump at the slightest chance during a down time for Wilson to try and make that same argument. Another season has come and gone, once again Wilson has outplayed your boy. The wins and SB are team accomplishments so I won't bang that drum. Individually, Wilson has just been superior toTannehill and Luck for that matter. He has better numbers not only on the run but inside the pocket as well, most of his yards and TD's come from inside the pocket, contrary to what you have stated many times. 52td's, 19int's. for Wilson, 36td's, 30int's. For Tannehill. Wilson is tied with Luck for most game winning drives over the last two seasons, and has a passer rating much higher than both of them. Tannehill made horrible decisions and passes that cost his team the last two games and Luck had 7int's. In this years playoffs. I could go on and on, but what is the point?

  • Airborne Paratrooper posted 2540 days ago

    Airborne Paratrooper

    What is Miami's 2014 compensation for losing Martin and Incognito? Martin quit the team. He was a second round draft pick. Does Miami get a 2nd round compensatory pick for him? I understand how the compensation picks work. Miami should get more picks based on who is released after 2013.

  • Brandon Mulhall posted 2799 days ago

    Brandon Mulhall

    No problem. I love your articles, keep it up.