Lano Berzinji

Lano Berzinji


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  • Negative Creep posted 2234 days ago

    Negative Creep

    This is in reply to you telling me "@Jack Swagger: The Rock on steroids?...y that's explains why he is so damn nice....--.- have you met the guy? he is one of the nicest dudes on the planet..."

    Just because he's nice doesn't mean he's not on 'roids. 'Roid rage doesn't happen all of the time you know. It's only flashes of anger. He wouldn't be pissed forever. Also, there is no doubt that Rocky was on 'Roids. Look at Rocky back when he was a full-timer:

    Now look at him in this picture post wrestling:
    I understand people can build muscle but Rocky had to have been on 'roids when he took that picture.

  • Travis Taylor posted 2238 days ago

    Travis Taylor

    Thanks for the praise on my article!

  • The Rock - The Greatest Ever posted 2238 days ago

    The Rock - The Greatest Ever

    Respect for you bro! From one true Rock fan to another true Rock fan.