A life-long sports fan and participant (played H.S. football, basketball, track, baseball, college D-II football), now participate in amateur USSA Masters ski racing, sailing and mountain biking.

I love watching, blogging and writing about almost all sports EXCEPT: figure skating, ice dancing, bowling, "pro" wrestling, bass fishing and NASCAR.

Was a Featured NFL Writer on BleacherReport, and was a featured NFL Writer on NationalFootballAuthority.com and follow me on Twitter at @MichaelK_NFL

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  • Bobbi posted 1952 days ago


    Congratulations on the Super Bowl win.

  • DG Skilla posted 2119 days ago

    DG Skilla

    What's up... it's been a while.

  • Will posted 2145 days ago



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  • camille brunovaldez posted 2248 days ago

    camille brunovaldez

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  • Bobbi posted 2503 days ago


    Hey Keller:

    A new season is upon us once again.

    The NY Jets will be playing their first pre-season game Thursday...
    just two days away. Wish us luck... believe me... we need it. :)

    Your Broncos will be fine... Even stronger than last year!
    Have mercy when we meet you on the field.

    Your long time friend - Bobbi

  • R B posted 2505 days ago

    R B

    how have you been, Michael? good luck to your Broncos this upcoming season, and hopefully they keep the Patriots out of the Super Bowl again!!!

  • Bobbi posted 2693 days ago


    Michael Keller:
    I once told you, a long time ago, that you couldn't stand
    the excitement of playing in a Super Bowl game.
    Now, the time is upon you.
    Take care, I wish you and yours the very best.
    Bobbi DeLong

  • DG Skilla posted 2701 days ago

    DG Skilla

    It must be good to be Michael Keller. After all, you've been saying all along that Tebow
    stunts Denver's growth and doesn't belong in the league. Peyton is about to win his fifth
    MVP, won the division title easily, stumped his arch rival ( Tom Brady ) and is now ready
    to capture his second SB championship. I don't know if you'll read this or response, but
    I just wanna say, CONGRATULATIONS!!!

  • Ahmd AbdAllah posted 2715 days ago

    Ahmd AbdAllah

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  • Bobbi posted 2720 days ago