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OK, OK, yes, I've been gone a while. Oh, you hadn't noticed? That's OK too! I'll be trying to get at least one article out every week, don't forget to let me know your thoughts, good or bad, I can take it.

The greatest football player to ever step foot on a football field died last year(Dec. 18, 2008). "Slingin'" Sammy Baugh was 94 years old. He still holds many NFL records to this day. He once led the league in Passing, Punting, AND Interceptions. IN THE SAME SEASON. He still holds the record for career punting average, and the best punting average in a single season(51.4 yards per punt, WOW). He led the league in passing a RECORD 6 TIMES.

Sammy Baugh was also the last surviving member of the Pro Football Hall of Fame's inaugural class. Many believe he was responsible for the evolution of the passing game we know today.

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    Here's my latest. I can't get over how awful that MNF game was for the Redskins.

    Most definitely a low point that I hope will never be reached again.

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    Which players surprised even the best of analysts?

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    Travis  Evans

    well somethings gotta give brotha

  • Travis Evans posted 4172 days ago

    Travis  Evans

    im fed up Craig and nice return to br

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    Alex Johnson

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