WWE TLC 2011 Results: A Complete Review of the Event

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WWE TLC 2011 Results: A Complete Review of the Event

What's up, ladies and gentlemen? My name is Eric Kanes and we are just several hours removed from TLC, which turned out to be a very solid pay-per-view.

Without any further ado, let's get right down to the review.

Zack Ryder d. Dolph Ziggler to become the NEW United States Champion (**3/4)

This was a fairly strong opener with Zack Ryder finally winning the U.S. title after a Rough Ryder. Both his dad and Big O were in the crowd celebrating his win.

This was definitely the right move to make. Zack Ryder has a much larger connection with the audience than Dolph Ziggler does and so far, and Ryder has done a great job at making the title seem relevant. He has a lot of potential as an underdog champion.

What's next for Dolph Ziggler? He might get a WWE title shot at Royal Rumble, but that's about as far as he'll go in the near future. I don't think WWE will be taking the title off CM Punk anytime soon.

Backstage, Cody Rhodes attacked Booker T. Josh Matthews later said that the match would probably be canceled.

Kofi Kingston and Evan Bourne d. Primo and Epico (**1/4)

This was a pretty basic tag match. Air Boom won after Trouble in Paradise from Kofi on Primo. It definitely wasn't as good as the ones Air Boom had with Awesome Truth and Ziggler and Swagger. Nonetheless, I'm glad to see the tag team titles getting defended on PPV. Hopefully, this trend continues.

We got a horrible backstage segment with Teddy Long and Hornswoggle. Afterwords, Booker T came out for his match after all, but Cody attacked him again.

Randy Orton d. Wade Barrett (Tables Match) (**1/4)

This was a decent tables match with some nice spots. The finish saw Wade Barrett trying to dive onto Orton who was on a table, but Orton hopped up and hit the RKO in midair. The only thing I really disagree with is the result. Wade Barrett should've won. They built him up and up and up every week only to have him lose in his final match with Orton. That's a major problem with WWE. Nobody ever gets ahead because everybody always trades wins.

Beth Phoenix d. Kelly Kelly (3/4*)

This gets an even lower rating than their previous matches because Kelly was doing an insane amount of yelling. There's nothing else worth noting. Moving on.

Triple H d. Kevin Nash (Ladder Match) (**1/4)

This was fine for what it was, but it dragged on a bit, mostly because Kevin Nash had a hard time moving around and seemed to have hurt his knees. It was painful watching him move around at times. At one point, he was setting up a table while on his knees.

Anyway, the match ended when Triple H and Kevin Nash were on a ladder and Triple H used the sledgehammer that was hanging to knock Nash down through a table. He then attacked him with the sledgehammer and hit a pedigree. Kevin Nash begged for mercy by holding up the "Kliq" sign, but Triple H did a crotch chop and hit another sledgehammer shot for the win. This wasn't THAT bad for what it was considering that it could've been much worse.

Sheamus d. Jack Swagger (*3/4)

This was added at the last second after a backstage segment and it was a squash match, as expected. I guess they just needed to fill up some time.

Big Show d. Mark Henry (Chairs Match); Daniel Bryan d. Big Show to Become the NEW World Heavyweight Champion (*3/4)

The match between Big Show and Mark Henry ended really quickly. I think it was actually under five minutes. I read somewhere that Mark Henry injured his ankle, so that could be the reason.

Anyway, Big Show got the win after a knockout punch to Mark Henry while Henry was holding a chair. He celebrated with the title but post-match, Henry attacked Big Show with a chair. All of a sudden, Daniel Bryan's music hit and he ran to the ring with his briefcase. He covered Big Show for the three count and just like that, he's the new World Heavyweight Champion.

Post-match, he celebrated with the fans while Big Show left looking disappointed. I'm not sure where WWE is going with this storyline, but it should be interesting either way. Congratulations to Daniel Bryan.

Cody Rhodes d. Booker T (**1/4)

They ended up having a match after all. Booker T was dazed mid-match and did a Spinaroonie for no reason. This got him even more dazed and allowed Rhodes to hit two Beautiful Disaster kicks for the win.

In my preview article, I said that Booker should win to do the "one more run" storyline. That obviously didn't happen, but Cody winning works, too. Defeating a legend like Booker definitely gives him some credibility.

CM Punk d. The Miz & Alberto Del Rio (TLC Match) (***3/4)

I expected this match to be Match of the Night and it definitely delivered. There were many cool spots including: CM Punk being handcuffed to a ladder and turnbuckle and getting out of both by breaking the ladder and unscrewing the turnbuckle; Del Rio hitting the enzuigiri on Punk, causing him to go through a table on the outside; and The Miz and Punk pushing Ricardo Rodriguez off a ladder through a table on the outside.

Just want to point something out about that particular spot. Notice how the general reaction was "Damn, that must have hurt," not "Ricardo Rodriguez is great at selling." That's how you sell a move, ladies and gentlemen. Dolph Ziggler should take notes. Anyway, CM Punk ended up knocking both Del Rio and Miz out and retaining the title.

Final Thoughts

Overall, TLC gets a 6.5/10 from me. There were many memorable moments such as Zack Ryder, Daniel Bryan and CM Punk winning, and there was one fantastic match. It could've definitely been done better (Wade Barrett should've won) but all in all, it was a great way to end the year.

I hope you enjoyed this review. Until next time, I'm out!

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