Odds the Green Bay Packers Can Go 16-0

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Odds the Green Bay Packers Can Go 16-0
Hannah Foslien/Getty Images
Aaron Rodgers leads the undefeated Packers quest at perfection

The Green Bay Packers are a great football team.  They are coming off the Super Bowl Championship and they are currently the only unbeaten team in the league.  So, what are the odds that they can go 16-0? 

Obviously, it is a hard thing to do.  The Patriots did it once but then lost in the Super Bowl, putting a damper on the whole "perfect season" thing.

There is a chance that the Packers could do it, though.  Those odds will increase drastically if they can beat San Diego this week.  At 7-0 the Packers have already had quality wins against New Orleans at home and against Chicago and Atlanta on the road.  If they beat San Diego this Sunday on the road, that will put them at 8-0 and halfway to a perfect regular season.

Their final eight games are not as tough as the first eight.  The second half of the season features five of their final eight games at home.  They have home games against Minnesota, Tampa Bay, Oakland, Chicago and Detroit.  They should win all of those games.

Their toughest test in the second half is the road game at Detroit on Thanksgiving, a day when the Lions always play well.  They also play at Kansas City (Chiefs aren't great, but it's always tough at Arrowhead) and at the NY Giants, who currently sit at 5-2 and are a pretty good football team. 

Still, the toughest game might be this week at San Diego.  If the Packers survive that one, I would say they will win their next two games and sit at 10-0 going into the Thanksgiving Day meeting with Detroit.  If they survive the two-week stretch at Detroit and at the NY Giants, they will have a great chance to win them all.

Streeter Lecka/Getty Images
Donald Driver, the elder statesman of the Packers, is one of the most likeable players in the NFL

Of course, there is always the playoffs, where the Packers could see New Orleans again, Philadelphia, San Francisco and a great team from the AFC in the Super Bowl.  So, there is a long way to go to having a perfect season.

A record of 16-0 is a possibility.  If you ask the Packers, I would be surprised if any of them care about it.  They want to win the Super Bowl again and if they go 16-0, 15-1 or 14-2, I doubt it matters to them—as long as they are there at the end of the season.  Still, this Packers team is special and has a chance to do something great this season. 

Somehow, the Packers' shot at perfection feels so different than New England.  Perhaps the difference is the Packers are a likeable team with likeable players.  Aaron Rodgers is a class act and Donald Driver might be the most likeable guy in the league.  The Packers fanbase is fantastic.

Compare that to the Patriots, who have a very unlikeable coach and several players many people dislike.  The Patriots are great and arrogant.  Their fanbase is arrogant and annoying.  I know, I lived in New England for five years. 

The Packers have great fans.  The Packers are great and likeable.  That is why I think more people will root for this team than against it.  Unlike New England, when most people wanted them to lose, many people will root for the Packers' run at perfection.

Good luck, Green Bay.  As an Eagles fan, obviously, I hope the Eagles beat you if we meet in the playoffs, but other than that, I am rooting for you to do it.  Why?  Because it's something special and great, and that only comes around once in a great while. 

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