Notre Dame Football: Adds Abomination of Commercial Music

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Notre Dame Football: Adds Abomination of Commercial Music
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If Notre Dame is going to insult its band by importing commercially produced music, why not add a JumboTron?

Notre Dame Football is known for its reverent college football traditions. Fighting Irish fans have regularly discussed the issue of a JumboTron, pointing to it as a sign of a modern era that destroys tradition. I've personally been a fan of the JumboTron so long as it didn't come with commercial music or intermittent television commercials.

In Notre Dame's loss to USC, I watched as the Mike Mayock and Tom Hammond introduced the schools and their historic rivalry. NBC cut to a commercial but returned with some energetic music in the background, followed by more pregame talk. As the teams took the field, I thought I heard NBC quietly playing Dropkick Murphy's Shipping Off to Boston

Attempting to determine if it was NBC or Notre Dame Stadium playing the song, I realized the fans were singing the words. Commercial music had officially replaced the Notre Dame band...

I've read multiple comments recapping the visit to Notre Dame Stadium where I also learned Crazy Train was played. This is the abomination I hoped wouldn't insert itself into Notre Dame's traditions and legacy commercial music.

With the oldest band in the nation with a larger repertoire of music than most schools, there is no need for commercially recorded music. Fans come to watch football and listen to the sounds of the Irish, not Ozzy Osbourne. 

It's an insult to the members of the band who work hard to learn Notre Dame's musical traditions.  It's an insult to the fans who want the full Notre Dame experience. And, it's an insult to the Notre Dame legends who built its legacy as college football's Disney World.

If Irish athletics insists on tainting its traditions with commercially produced recordings replacing the Notre Dame band, there is no question a JumbTron should be added in the South end-zone. A JumboTron gives the fans a better look at bad calls and allows fans a view to plays being further reviewed. If all other traditions are being destroyed, I think a JumboTron is hardly a big issue, anymore.

Jack Swarbrick and Brian Kelly ripped apart some of Notre Dame's most revered traditions against USC. Before we know it, Notre Dame will be blasting Penn State's fight song Zombie Nation on the loud speakers. That's right, your children won't learn Cheer Cheer for Ol Notre Dame, but Oooh Oooohooohhhoooo...

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