Save Sean Avery

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Save Sean Avery

The NHL needs to re-prioritize what’s important, because after yesterday’s indefinite suspension of Sean Avery, you can’t help but wonder why they thought this was so important.

NHL commissioner, Gary Bettman used Article six of the NHL doctrine as the basis of the suspension. According to Article six anything that’s seen as  “detrimental to the league or game of hockey” could be a suspendable offense.

How is calling a woman sloppy-seconds detrimental to the league? It’s not like Jack Bauer is going to get pissed someone was talking smack about his daughter and plotted to blow up NHL headquarters.

I could see if Avery tried to be a whistleblower like Jose Canseco, and start screaming crazy statements like "the New York Rangers get their power and talent by drinking the blood of baby seals." Then maybe I could see someone requesting a sit down with him.

Everyone knows Sean Avery has a big mouth, in a recent TV interview Avery told the reporter that he thought the reasons he ran his mouth was out of boredom and his own amusement. He enjoys being the bad guy and thrives off of being hated.

Why do you think Brett Hull brought him to Dallas to play? Hull brought Avery to Dallas for his raw emotion and thought that the spark would be a catalyst for a successful season. Unfortunately, that didn’t seem to happen.

Currently, the Dallas Stars are in dead last place in the Western Conference and Avery is the N.1 public enemy to the fans. They’ve called him a distraction; they’ve called for Brett Hull to trade him.

Out of the 23 games he’s played in so far this season, he’s scored three goals (one of which was against Boston during that now infamous November 1st Bruins v. Stars game) and seven assists. The Stars organization have made it very clear that they’re not happy with his latest hijinx and team owner, Tom Hicks supported the suspension.

Did anyone ever think he’s doing what he can to get a one way ticket out of Dallas? It’s abundantly clear, that Avery isn’t meshing well with the team or willing to conform to the way the Stars want their players to be.

He’s been fined twice for not following the dress code and Hull minced no words when discussing Avery’s latest antics to The Dallas Morning News, “We have talked and talked and talked about being on the edge within the game, but not going over the line. We told him from the start that he can not do things that would embarrass the organization. Ever since the start here, this organization has been built on class, and there is a responsibility to the organization, to the owner and his family, and to the city and the fans to maintain that class. Play hard, push the game on the ice, but do not embarrass the organization.”

Well, he really didn’t embarrass the organization, Brett. Although, he did bring more attention to a last place team, that only last year was on a path to potentially win the cup.  So yes, one could consider that embarrassing.

If anyone is going to be embarrassed, it’s Elisha Cuthbert  and Rachel Hunter for not expanding their dating horizons. Even Alyssa Milano had the common sense to date outside of the MLB a few times, ladies.

Whether you like him or not, you have to admit Avery is getting screwed. Should he have said it? No. But when have you known the former Vogue intern to hold back? Plus, admit it, you know you chuckled to yourself when he said it.

I did, I thought it was a riot. So Brett Hull, sit Sean down, see where he’d like to go, pretend to be Monty Hall and make a deal. From the sounds of it, they’d love to have him back on the Rangers and it would make the Northeastern Division a little more interesting. Plus, I’m sure the Bruins would love another shot at him. But then again, who wouldn’t?

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