Boston College Football: The Most Underated Team Year In, Year Out

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Boston College Football: The Most Underated Team Year In, Year Out

Last night the Boston College Eagles defeated No.20 Florida State Seminoles. It was a game where no one really gave BC a chance to win. Florida State had only lost once before on its homecoming weekend. It was a black out, for the FSU fans and players. FSU came out in their intimidating black uniforms, but the Eagles were anything but scared. BC clinched its 10th straight winning season.

Each year, people underestimate the strength of BC football. Last year with Matt Ryan, LV Withworth, Andre Callender, Kevin Challenger, Jolann Dunbar, Jamie Silva, DeJuan Tribble, and the list goes on.

Last year's Senior class was one of the best in BC history. BC wasn't even ranked in the preseason top 25 last year and worked their way up to No.2 in the nation. BC was projected to win eight games last year. Are you kidding me? And you call yourselves college football experts?!

This year BC was expected to win about seven games according to these so called 'experts.' BC is two wins away from winning its second straight ACC Atlantic championship.

BC is rarely given any credit to by the press because they don't bring in five star recruits. BC brings in a certain breed of players, regardless of how many stars are next to their names. A prime example is Montell Harris. A two star recruit who ran all over the FSU defense, which is full of those five star recruits.

BC recruits smart players on offense and big guys on defense (Raji and Brace). BC is easily the most underrated football team in the nation. But how does a team like BC compete with teams like Clemson and FSU?

Clemson is a prime example of a program recruits based on stars. They go out and get five star recruits, who turn out to be flops because they don't play alike or well together.

You can attribute 110 percent of that problem to the worst coach in college football, Tommy Bowden. He spoiled his players and didn't have a clue when it came to building a college football team. Clemson has, however, made a turn for the better by firing Bowden.

BC is looked past every single season. Year in and year out, people forget about them. Every single year, BC slowly creeps back into the top 25. When are these experts going to learn that they should be in the top 25 because they make an appearance every single season.

I think BC likes flying under the radar. They always play underdog, and they like it. Other teams don't even give BC respect. In last nights game, FSU was going to kick a field goal to cut the lead to four.

But quickly the offense came running out onto the field hoping to catch BC off guard. BC wasn't phased. They stood in there and brought the heat and stopped FSU two yards short of the marker. Does FSU think BC is stupid? BC has one of the best defensive coordinators in the land; Frank Spaziani. 

BC will continue to fly under the radar. If BC makes the ACC championship game again, well lets just say, they are demanding respect.

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