Can There Be Two BCS Busters in One Year?

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Can There Be Two BCS Busters in One Year?

Is it possible to have two BCS Busters in one year, one as an automatic bid and the other as an at-large bid?  Conventional wisdom and articles across the nation say a resounding "no way."

I, however, am of the firm opinion that this is the year in which two BCS busters may very well happen, and here's why.

It all stems from the fact that no more than two teams from any conference may participate in a BCS game.

Let's rightfully assume that the top two teams in both the Big 12 and SEC get BCS games.  That eats up two BCS games, leaving three remaining.  Let's also assume Penn State and USC win their conferences (that doesn't take a stretch of the imagination).

What does that leave?  Not much.

We're left with two games.  The ACC and Big East send their sorry champions, and a BCS buster—probably Utah or Boise State—also takes a spot.  We're left with one at-large bid, which is the key to the second BCS buster.

The Big 12 and SEC are already done with two from each conference, and the ACC, Big East, and Pac-10 don't have a second team near enough in the rankings to contend for the spot.  Who does that leave?

The only BCS choice that makes sense is Ohio State.  The Buckeyes will most likely win out the rest of their season and finish barely inside the top 10.  The question is, "is there a non-BCS team that has the stuff to take the bid over Ohio State?"

Boise State

The Broncos may have a pup schedule ahead of them, but it's not much less than the Buckeyes.  Boise State is already ranked higher than Ohio State and will likely remain that way if they win out.

Ball State

The Cardinals' schedule from here out is actually quite tough, playing perhaps the No. 2 and No. 3 teams of their conference.  If they win those, it's no stretch to think that an undefeated Ball State could leapfrog a two-loss Ohio State.

Brigham Young

With their remaining schedule including a near-top 25 Air Force and an easily top 10 Utah, the Cougars could see their value rise dramatically in the last two weeks of their season. Taking a co-championship in what is considered by most to be the third-best conference in the nation (behind only the Big 12 and SEC) could spell recognition enough to get a bid over the Buckeyes.

Yes, we may and we should see two BCS Busters this year.

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