Indianapolis Colts Roundtable: The Beginning Of Something Amazing!!

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Indianapolis Colts Roundtable:  The Beginning Of Something Amazing!!

Friends, Buddies, and all Colts fans...
As Colts Community Leader, i have had some input, and I am conducting something that everyone should want to be a part of.  It will be The Voice Of The Colts Community!

I have been thinking of ways to incorporate voices from all around this community, and i have devised something that will be huge!

I call it "The Colts Round-table."  It will be similar to the Knights of the Round-table in King Arthur's Court, and will operate very similarly. 

Myself and Trevor Roby, as Community Leaders will be the head of this monster, but for it to succeed, we will need your help!  If you have ever wanted your voice to be heard, now is your time.

How will this work?  Well, it will be a weekly publication on BR, we will choose a topic suggested by ourselves, or another member of the round-table, then get everyone that is apart of the round-table to voice their opinion on the subject to myself via email.  Once i have all opinions of the round-table, then either myself, Trever or a chosen person from the round-table will then publish an article on BR, and i will personally advertise this publication throughout all of BR.  This is the biggest way i can think of to get our community placed on the map of

If you are a good contributor, or would like to be one, and would like to join the roundtable, please feel free to post a comment on my profile, or email me at (

I look forward to alot of responses about this amazing opportunity.

Keep bleeding blue my friends!

Aaron Glenn
Colts Community Leader
Bleacher Report Team

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