Mavs Kicked Injured Spurs While There Down: Dirk & Terry Steal the Show

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Mavs Kicked Injured Spurs While There Down: Dirk & Terry Steal the Show

One night after getting beat up by the Lebron led Cavs by 19, the Dallas Mavericks (2-2) went into San Antonio and beat up on the life less Spurs.

For the first time in this early season the Mavericks take out one of the elite teams in the NBA. Even though the Spurs are on there heels after starting 0-3 for the first time since there early ABA days.

But a win in San Antonio is big reguardless of how it came.Dirk and new starter Jason Terry took advantage of the short handed Spurs by lighting them up like a christmas tree.

They combine for 50 points and had only one turnover between them. And whatever they wanted on the offensive end was there. Also Kidd having doble digit assisits and Josh Howard chipping in another solid effort with a double-double equals blow out.

Looks like Rick Carlise is mixing things up and seeing what works and what dosen't.This night players like Brandon Bass and Gerald Green also including rookie Antoine Wright all road the bench while watching the veterans easiley handle the Spurs.

And with Jerry Stackhouse back on the the bench the minutes should get a little tigher for the young Maverick players. 

I take this away from the last 48 hours as a Mavs observer. They'll be good when Dirk is on and getting help from his teammates, but when he strugles they will look real bad.

So will find out who wants to help lead this team with Dirk. And for now Josh Howard is my leading candidiate.

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