WWE Money in the Bank 2011 Results: A Full Review of the Epic Show

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WWE Money in the Bank 2011 Results: A Full Review of the Epic Show

What's up, ladies and gentlemen? My name is Eric Kanes, and we are hot off the heels of an almost incredible pay-per-view event.

It has been half an hour since the show ended, and I am still in awe of what I just saw. Money in the Bank was everything I wanted it to be...and more.

First and foremost, for weeks and weeks, I've been saying that there should not be any dumb swerves in the money in the bank matches such as having someone like Sin Cara or Alex Riley win. However, I said that I'd like to see a good swerve in the form of Wade Barrett winning. I didn't even think that Daniel Bryan, the best all-around worker in the match, had a chance which is what made that swerve so awesome.

Also, on the pay-per-view, we saw three fantastic matches, with one of them being match of the year by far, two matches that provided great storyline development and it was just strong from top to bottom.

With that said, here are my quick thoughts on each match:

Daniel Bryan Wins Money in the Bank (****1/2)

Very solid match that kept me on my feet. It started off very strong with Daniel Bryan, Cody Rhodes, Justin Gabriel, Heath Slater and Sin Cara all hitting some beautiful high spots. There was a bit of a scare midmatch when Sheamus dropped Sin Cara through a table and on his neck, and it took a bit of momentum out of the match, since most of the guys had to improvise.

Nonetheless, it was a very fast-paced, back-and-forth kind of match, and it felt like the action never stopped. For a moment, I legitimately thought Kane, Sheamus or Wade Barrett would win it. To end it, Wade Barrett was about to hit Wasteland on Daniel Bryan, but Bryan ended up knocking him off the ladder and securing the briefcase.

That was a legit mark-out moment from me. He deserves it more than anyone in the match, and it's going to be very interesting to see where WWE goes with this.

Kelly Kelly d. Brie Bella (1/2*)

I don't think anyone was expecting a technical classic here. I decided to have some fun, though, and keep track of every time Kelly Kelly yelled "COOMMEEE OOONN!" cause apparently she thinks that's how you make moves look impactful. I ended up losing count. Good thing I wasn't taking shots.

Mark Henry d. Big Show (**)

This actually...wasn't that bad. Big Show made it look like he'd go out of his elements to beat Mark Henry, even diving off the second rope. How often do you see that from Big Show? The match ended with Henry hitting two world's strongest slams and two splashes on Big Show.

After he finished him off, Henry wrapped Show's injured knee in a chair and jumped on it. Obviously, this wasn't the greatest match in the world, but Henry left looking like a total badass. WWE couldn't have booked this better.

Alberto Del Rio Wins Money in the Bank (***1/2)

There were some nice spots in this match, but it didn't flow together as well as the SmackDown match. For one, all of the competitors grabbed a ladder on their way to the ring, and for whatever reason, ended up tossing them out.

It didn't come off looking good. Another point where the match kind of slowed down was when The Miz was supposed to fall off the ladder, but he hung on to the briefcase, leading him to take a nasty fall on his knee. I don't know how legitimate that is, but let's hope it's nothing serious.

Anyway, the match ended with Del Rio and Mysterio trading shots on top of the ladder. Mysterio had the briefcase in his hands, but Del Rio pulled off Rey's mask, causing Rey to cover his face and fall of the ladder. Predictably, Del Rio ended up winning.

I'm not a fan of the move. Some people don't like it because they think he's a legitimate main eventer. I don't like it for the opposite reason. He's not ready. Does John Cena vs. Alberto Del Rio really sound like an enticing main event to anyone? R-Truth should've won or at the very least The Miz. Either way, WWE has a year to build Del Rio up. I'll give it time. Hopefully, he doesn't just cash it in in a month.

Christian d. Randy Orton to become the NEW World Heavyweight Champion (***)

I actually really liked how this played out. The story was that Christian kept trying to provoke Randy Orton and get Orton disqualified. Eventually, he did just that as he spit right in Orton's face. Orton then went crazy and hit a low blow. Orton then just attacked him relentlessly. Orton went on to hit the RKO on top of the announce table, and then come back and hit another one.

If you watched the match, you know that the crowd was pro-Christian throughout the match. However, Orton got an amazing pop after he lashed out. See, this is how he needs to be booked. We already have Superman in the form of John Cena and that's more than enough. Not every babyface has to be like that. Orton being a psychopath makes him stand out from the pack.

I'm happy with the outcome of Christian winning and I look forward to seeing where the story goes with Orton.

CM Punk d. John Cena to become the NEW WWE Champion (*****)

This right here was the reason that most of us watch wrestling. What we got here was magical. The crowd's response and the way these two went back and forth was surreal. I'd say that 95 percent of the crowd was for CM Punk. Colt Cabana was at ringside, and Punk high-fived him every time he took Cena down on the outside.

This was 35 minutes of pure, straight-up wrestling, and it was booked perfectly. The match of the year by far. Cena hit two AA's on Punk towards the end, and Punk kicked out. Cena's facial reaction was gold as he told the referee, "I don't know what to do." To end it, CM Punk hit the GTS on Cena's chest causing Cena to fall out of the ring. Punk rolled him back into the ring, but Vince McMahon and John Laurinaitis came out on the ramp, distracting Punk.

As Punk got back into the ring, Cena got him into the AA. Laurinaitis went to the referee to signal for the bell, but Cena broke the hold and decked him in the face. Off the distraction, Punk hit the GTS and won. McMahon called for Del Rio, but as Del Rio ran out, Punk kicked him in the head, blew a kiss to McMahon and left through the crowd with the title.

A perfect ending. You don't often hear me praising WWE like this, but this was terrific. Everyone was expecting a clean Cena win, a Chicago Screwjob or Punk winning and then Del Rio cashing in. All of those endings were teased, and it got the crowd in attendance, and everyone watching at home, excited for the finish.

Final Thoughts

This show gets a 9.5/10 from me. I've never rated a show that high before, but this PPV deserves it. Other than Alberto Del Rio, all of the right people won. The streaming and booking of the show was right on the money, and the hype going into RAW is great. For the first time in a long time, I cannot wait to see what happens next.

Thank you WWE, for putting on this epic pay-per-view and finally getting it right.


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