5 Original Team Name Ideas the New Winnipeg Franchise Should Consider

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5 Original Team Name Ideas the New Winnipeg Franchise Should Consider

In case you've been living under a rock, it is almost certain that the Atlanta Thrashers will be packing their bags and heading north to Winnipeg.

At this stage, there are three options for the team in terms of their name. The first is to keep the Thrashers name. The second is to rename the team after the beloved Winnipeg Jets. The third and final option is for the team to assume an entirely new identity.

Keeping the Thrashers name or changing to the Jets are both satisfactory options, but neither of them are without their pitfalls. The Thrashers name, in hockey, is synonymous with failure and underachievement. I don't believe that the new Winnipeg franchise wants to continue this tradition.

The Jets name is also somewhat related to the Phoenix Coyotes, and considering there is already the New York Jets in the NFL, the name is rather uninspiring.

I think Winnipeg should have a new identity, a fresh face. I think they should have something original and unique.

But what, you might ask. Well, here's my five best ideas for a new name. I would like to point out that the logos provided are certainly not the logos that I think the new franchise should use. They are simply examples. Enjoy!

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