Hungry for Another Mike Tyson? Look No Further Than Brock Lesnar

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Hungry for Another Mike Tyson? Look No Further Than Brock Lesnar

Forget asking ourselves who will save boxing. Forget about wondering when another young Mike Tyson will come along. We have found a savior in the world of Mixed Martial Arts. We have found a true American heavyweight for people to rally behind.

Brock Lesnar was born to be a fighter. He was born and raised in small town South Dakota to a hard-working family. From the time he was able to stand, he has learned the importance of hard work and discipline.

This hard work and discipline carried over into his athletics and in the classroom. He excelled in football and wrestling in high school and eventually earned a scholarship to the University of Minnesota, where he became an NCAA champion. 

After college he did what all of us want to do. Make money. He was offered a lucrative deal from the WWE and became a multi-millionaire in a matter of months.

But deep down, Lesnar's inner lion was yearning for true competition. A chance to be the Gladiator he was born to be and dominate an opponent without a script. His thirst for competition was quenched when President Dana White from the UFC offered him a contract.

He is exactly what fight fans have been wanting ever since the glory days of Tyson. A true American heavyweight who can dominate the fight game. Unlike Tyson, he will be an example to our children. If our children choose to make fighting their sport they will have Lesnar as a guide to show them that the road to success is through college.

He is someone who we can admire and respect. On November 15th, 2008 he will be tested by UFC Heavyweight Champion, Randy Couture. America will be watching with great anticipation to see if Lesnar can begin his legendary run for glory and become the champion we have missed for a long, long time.

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