Vernon Davis: 49ers TE Talks About Gridiron Grunts, Painting Scholarship, Africa

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Vernon Davis: 49ers TE Talks About Gridiron Grunts, Painting Scholarship, Africa
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Vernon Davis is a leader and a role model, on and off the field.

Vernon Davis is one of the most electrifying players on the football field today. Off the field, however, he can be even more admirable.

In a brief interview with VD#85, Vernon talked about some of his recent off-field activities.


On GridironGrunts

JB: For people who don’t know, what is GridironGrunts?

VD#85: GridironGrunts is an application that’s meant to reach the fans, and not only the fans but our peers, colleagues, teammates and people like that.

People that are involved with it. Basically you get a chance to let people see your personality in another way other than Twitter and Facebook things like that.

They get to hear your voice. you get to talk about anything from `what you want to do in a game to what you did last night, what you’re going to do tomorrow, where you’re going...pretty much like twitter, but you're saying it with your own voice.”

On The Vernon Davis Visual Art Scholarship

JB: You have an arts scholarship you’re awarding soon. How’s that going?

VD#85:   I had an opportunity to get with these people who wanted to put a scholarship in my name up in San Francisco, and I jumped right on it.  I thought it would be a great opportunity because it gave me a chance to connect with these kids who were recipients for the scholarship.

I got to talk to them about my experience growing up trying to become an inspiring artist, and they get to hear why I did it... Because last year I talked to them about the reason why some kids don’t pick up art and it’s because they think they have to be a football player, basketball player or cheerleader to be cool you know what I’m saying.

And so that was a wonderful thing to be able to reach out to them in that kind of way. And also I had a chance to sit down and see some of the projects that most of the kids had done prior to being a recipient.

I looked at their work and chose a girl. The young lady I chose, she was actually a clothing designer, she made these clothes, these threads, and I really liked her work. Her work was really unique because she had put a lot of time into it. I could tell just by looking at it.”

On his own artwork

JB: I’ve seen some of your artwork and it’s pretty cool. How would you describe your own artistic style?

VD#85: I’d describe my style as abstract-to-realistic.

On his recent trip to Africa

JB: The trip to Africa that you took, can you say something really quick about that?

VD#85: The trip to Africa was an amazing experience. I had a chance to interact with some of the kids and hear some of their stories as well as see what was going on on a day-to-day basis.

Some of the stuff that I saw was beautiful to the eyes and some of it was not. It was very devastating. But you know the great thing about it is that I had a chance to see it first-hand.

Interviewing Vernon Davis for BleacherReport was as exciting as watching him take a skinny-post route to the end zone. My next and final article (for a long while anyway) will cover the on-field portion of the interview in a slide-show format. Stay tuned.

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