Barber Better Than LT?

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Barber Better Than LT?

Truly the Dallas Cowboys running back Marion Barber III has been a Fantasy Football stud these first 4 weeks of the NFL season. But recently I have gotten into arguments that LT is somehow better than Marion Barber this year. Being the No. 1 overall draft pick in most Fantasy Football leagues LaDainian Tomlinson this summer has skimmed by with 2007's leading rusher delivering sub-par LT Fantasy production. Sure do not get me wrong LT has proved his dominance throughout the past as being the #1 RB in the NFL. But LT has taken a huge step back this season and his outstanding numbers have fallen to just average. Marion Barber has 5 touchdowns in his first 4 games. Tell me how many does LT have? Lt has 4 in his past 2 games against the New York Jets and the Oakland Raiders. These teams have  horrible run defenses so an average running back should easily score once or twice against them. But what about the first two games of the regular season why no Touchdowns? Against the Denver Broncos he had only 26 rushing yards, though he did have a toe injury, this shouldn't occur to LT. LT should never be under 80 yards in a regular season game because he is supposedly the best RB to date, possibly of all time. But even the 3-1 Kansas City Chiefs Larry Johnson almost ran for 200 yards against the same Denver Broncos. LJ had 2 touchdowns in that game while LaDainian was held out of the end-zone. So then how could Larry Johnson dominate the Broncos? Even a resident in Kansas City I do not have an answer to this perplexing question.

Marion Barber III has 311 yards rushing and 98 yards receiving. While LaDainian Tomlinson has only 296 rushing yards and 11 receiving yards total. Though they both have four rushing touchdowns Marion Barber has the advantage of a receiving touchdown. I got my stats from the and they clearing show that Marion is better than LaDainian so far this year. Also LaDainian is used to getting about 4.5 yards per carry while this year LT has 3.8 yards per carry so far this year. My opinion for LaDainian's drop in numbers is due to San Diego's cut of Lorenzo Neal. Lorenzo Neal is now with the Baltimore Ravens and Willis McGahee has reaped the benefits of the new addition. So another question that I don't know the answer to is, "Why fix something that isn't broke"? Why take away the key blocker for LaDainian Tomlinson especially because it now shows that LaDainian has taken a loss in numbers. I'm sure that the Chargers didn't deliberately release Lorenzo Neal to cut Tomlinson's rushing yards. But you really need to think why they made that decision. To rap this up Marion the Barbarian has proved that so far in these first 4 weeks of the NFL season that he is doing better than that of in my opinion the over-rated LaDainian Tomlinson. I have never drafted LT in a fantasy football league because of this one question that I have continuously had in the back of my mind "When will be the year that LaDainian Tomlinson stops contributing these amazing numbers and loses his status of being the #1 RB in the NFL"? This year might be the exact year that answers my question. And I may also add that I have drafted Marion Barber III these past two years and have reaped the benefits of that wise decision.

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