WWE Raw 2011: Top Five Feuds With The Rock I'd Like to See

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WWE Raw 2011: Top Five Feuds With The Rock I'd Like to See

This past week we witnessed probably one of the biggest nostalgic nights in the past decade. We had been hearing reports about a possible Rock return for months now, claiming he would like to do something with Vince McMahon and the WWE.

Talks between the two parties slowed down for a while and nothing new was available to report. Then this past Monday night all speculation was put to rest, as the Rock revealed himself as the Wrestlemania 27 guest host, held in Atlanta, Georgia on April 3.

While it is unclear what exactly the Rock meant by "I'm back and it is because of you and I give you my word, I am never, ever, going away.", one thing is certain, everyone wants to see the Rock in action again.

Whether or not that happens will remain to be seen. Until then however, I would like to go over five feuds that I would like to see the Rock have.

5.) Alberto Del Rio

One of the new-comers to the WWE, this man walks around like he is god's gift to the company. His arrogance is flaunted on the microphone every chance he gets. He believes he is better than anyone else on the roster and that no one comes close to him. A good promo cutting on each other could be exciting, since Rio likes to hear himself talk and the Rock likes to tell people to shut up :) Although, nothing would please me more than to watch the Rock slap that grin off of Rio's face.

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4.) CM Punk

Punk is currently the leader of the New Nexus, and is one of the better heels to come around in the last couple of years, increasing his stock ten-fold. His mic work is decent, and his ring work is on par. Obviously future plans for the Rock are unknown, but Punk and Nexus like being the center of attention, and with the Rock possibly walking around hogging it all, they would certainly be unpleasant about that and look to handle it.

3.) Wade Barrett

It's no secret that when the Rock left the WWE, he passed the torch onto John Cena. We have seen how that has turned out. Lately however, following Barrett's departure from Nexus, talk about how he was one of the next up-n-comers in the wrestling world began.

There is certainly one man who could make that happen and turn this behemoth wrestler into a star, and that's the The Rock. I'm sure these two could cut a promo on each other that will keep fans interested longer than thirty seconds, and put on a match worth watching.

2.) Sheamus

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The People's Champion against the Celtic Warrior. Sounds like a remake of the Scorpion King in the making. King Sheamus could go one on one with the Great One, then get a tan afterwards. Another one of the future wrestlers of the Dubya Dubya E, there is no one better suited than to get the rub from than the Rock and push Sheamus further into the main event stage. His wrestling skills have certainly progressed over the last few months and a couple matches with the Rock could do wonders.

1.) The Miz

One highlight of the Rock's promo was his dislike for the Miz and his constant self-proscribed persona. When The Miz first landed on the scene I was unimpressed and rolled my eyes. Fast-forward and I believe we have ourselves a superstar in the making.

The Miz' mic skills are decent, obviously no where near the Rock's, and that will come off beneficial in the end. His popularity has also risen of late and there is potential for a good feud between these two superstars. Just hearing the Miz tell the Rock how 'awesome' he is would be priceless.

There is plenty more that could potentially happen, but for now I would be satisfied with any of these potential feuds. Nothing would be better than to allow the Rock to put over the younger talent and assist with building for the future. Thoughts, comments and criticism are always welcome and appreciated.

Here's to hoping for a great Wrestlemania 27 with the Rock! Cheers.

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