Which Sport Is More Athletic? Basketball or Baseball?

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Which Sport Is More Athletic? Basketball or Baseball?
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Before you jump to obvious conclusions let me explain the topic. My college roommate grew up playing baseball and I grew up playing basketball and we had heated debates both while sober and engaged in a beverage consuming sport that involved ping-pong balls and cups. As I saw it this argument was a no brainier. Basketball is hands down, by far a more athletic sport. My roommate made the argument interesting by purposing what do you consider to be “athleticism?” I had an answer for him already cooked up. Baseball is a skill sport, not an athletic sport. I defined athleticism as speed, agility, stamina, jumping and lateral quickness as well as strength. All of which are used constantly in basketball. My roommate defined athleticism as throwing, hand eye coordination, and strength.  My argument was place average NBA players in a combine and compare the results to MLB players put through the same combine and that would be the answer. He conceded that NBA players would dominate in that format. My second argument is that if you took an athlete with no basketball, or baseballs skills, and placed him in both a basketball game and a baseball game that athlete would have a better performance in the basketball game because athleticism is part of the game. Where as in a baseball game their lack of skill would cause that athlete to have little or no effect on the game. I am not bashing baseball, I just feel that less athleticism and more skill is required to be a useful part of a baseball team. And by that reasoning basketball is a superior athletic sport from a viewing standpoint. Personal preference aside, what would you rather watch if you did not care about either of the teams in a game? Basketball or baseball? Here are the top 11 reasons why basketball is a better sport to watch.

11. It is fast paced, constant motion so you will not get bored watching guys stand around. (For an inning.)
10. Lots of scoring, who doesn’t like that?
9. Superior Athleticism. When’s the last time you dunked?
8. Dribbling. Threw the legs, behind the back, crossover, spin move, it’s a dance designed to make the defender look stupid. 
7. Power. Drop steps, dunks, boxing out, that shit is fun.
6. Michael Jordan….enough said.
5. Jerseys. Its not a shirt with a number on it, it’s a Jersey.
4. Shooting. The long ball, dunk, floater, reverse lay-up, bank shot, step back, jumper, variety is the spice of sport my friends.
3. The Buzzer Beater. Basketball is known for it, and everyone plays that game on their hoop at home. 3…2…1…ENNNNN!  Miss, ok try it again, 3…2…1…
2. Passing. Thread the needle, the no-look, behind the back, the kick outside, all keep the action moving and leads to scoring. 
1. Creativity. Behind the back pass, off the glass, ally oop, pump fake, jab step, fade away, spin, jump over, strip, swipe, granny shot, tip in, need I go on? It's just more fun when you don't know where the player is going to go, as opposed to first base.

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