Michael Vick Moral Dilemma: Is It Alright To Embrace His Fresh Start If He Wins?

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Michael Vick Moral Dilemma: Is It Alright To Embrace His Fresh Start If He Wins?
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"Just wait- you'll end up rooting for Michael Vick by the end of the season."

When a friend of mine told me this, I shook it off with the wave of my hand.  As a vegetarian and animal fan in general, I wouldn't complain if I saw Vick take a hit in the first two games.  In fact, I would mercilessly laugh when I saw his face pounded into the ground by a defender.

That was what I was supposed to do, right?  I'm supposed to hate this guy and loathe the day last year that he signed with my beloved Eagles, right?  What he had done in the past is unforgivable, and I made this known.

Then a funny thing happened; he started playing really well.  It became obvious fairly quickly that he was a better choice at QB than Kolb.  It became obvious that if I wanted the Eagles to win that I would have to hope for the success of Michael Vick.

Soon enough, I started cringing when I saw him hit the ground.  But, I wasn't ready to swallow my words just yet, so I would follow my cringe with a quick, "It's okay.  We have another QB!"

What I wasn't admitting was that I was slowly starting to admire everything that he was giving to the team.  It is apparent that he is putting himself on the line to gain every yard possible.  He has been respectful in interviews, and he seems to have very little in common with that man that was convicted of those horrific crimes.

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Does that make it okay?  Of course not!  He still is the same man, but now I am hearing a little voice in the back of my head. "He's doing everything he can.  He's good for this team.  You don't have to like the guy to hope he throws another TD."

So in my newly opened mind, I can't help but wonder, would Philadelphia, and me, be as accepting of a convicted felon if he wasn't playing so well?  

I will be the first to admit that I would probably be rolling my eyes every time the camera showed him standing on the sideline had Kolb remained the starter.

So does this make me a hypocrite?  I suppose I am, albeit a reluctant one.  I'm curious to know how other people feel, or if I am the only one turning this into dilemma. 

In theory, the game and what happens in that moment is all that should matter.  But then again, it's nearly impossible not to notice what happens within the other six days and 23 hours.

What do you think?

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