Return of the Creature vs. Creature: Do You Accept the Challenge?

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Return of the Creature vs. Creature: Do You Accept the Challenge?

It has been a long time since articles about Undertaker’s streak; John Cena and Miz are flooding it here. So, we think it is the right time to do something different and better. We think that things have to be freshened up a bit.

Therefore, our fellow B/R writer Muzzy Daud and I have decided to return with the evergreen competition of ‘Creature vs. Creature’.

Now, most of the members already know the concept of this competition. However, for those who do not, here it is.

In Creature vs. Creature, a topic is given, say the greatest tag team ever. Person, willing to participate and write decides his/her choice and inform it to the organizer of CVC. Once, the contest begins, participants have to publish their respective articles within a given period. The organizer then publishes another article that gives links of all the articles. Readers finally choose their favorite works, and the writer with most number of votes is the winner of the contest.

Please note my friends; we do not win CVCs by making natural and popular choices. It rather depends on how well we present our case. If you make a bold choice and then shine, there is a little reason as to why you will not win.

I suppose, important things are pretty clear. So without further ado let us introduce to you the topic of this Creature vs. Creature, which is:

The Greatest Rivalry of All time

We all know that without rivalries there is no fun in the pro-wrestling. All the big moments are distinguished by a meaningful rivalry.

We all have our favorite moments, we all have our favorite superstars and we naturally have our favorite rivalry.


Now, it is up to you to pick your own choice and convince it to us that your choice is the greatest rivalry of all time.

There are no restrictions on choices. Your favorite rivalry can be from any promotion you are happy with. Just for the record, we are not sexist. If you think any of the women’s rivalry takes the spot at the pinnacle, we would urge you to go with it. It is most welcome.

Peeps, so now take a trip down to your memory lane. Roam around there, and choose which the greatest rivalry of all time is. And yeah, please remember that no rivalry should be repeated. A choice made by one person is out of selection for others.

Those, who have already decided, can just enter their choice in the comment thread below. Those sitting on the fence, scratching heads and still deciding, Treat us with your delicious articles and do participate. We are looking forward to all of your good participation and involvement.

In case of any query, just drop me a message on my profile or shoot me PM, I will be glad to oblige. 

*** Deadline for the entry is Wednesday, 8 December morning (US east cost time)***

*** I will then publish an article listing all the contestants and respective rivalries, i'll also give the deadline for submitting the article in the same article.***

*** Participants please drop the links of your articles on our (Me, Muzzy daud, and Iam D Real Deal) B/R profile, so that we'll easily get to know that your piece is up***

*** The title of the article should have CVC in it, it easy to recognize that this is an entry, thats why***

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