Bret Hart Slams Bischoff and Hogan, the Return of Tough Enough, And More!

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Bret Hart Slams Bischoff and Hogan, the Return of Tough Enough, And More!

Is Tough Enough coming back?

It seems that the WWE is interested in bringing back the hit show Tough Enough.

For those that don’t know, Tough Enough was a reality program from years back that used to run on MTV. While not many major stars came of the show, we did get a few promising talents like Maven and Chris Nowinski. As of now, they are considering the idea of airing the show on USA network after RAW or possibly on Tuesday at 10pm.

Bret Hart on the attack

Bret Hart was interviewed by Brian Fritz of During the interview, he praised the current TNA talent and slammed Hogan and Bischoff. “After being in WCW and being around them, you start to realize that these guys — Bischoff in particular — never understood or knew anything about wrestling,” Hart commented.

“They just struck me as guys that didn’t understand wrestling. To see them working with another company now, to me, I think you’ll eventually see that they don’t know anything. They didn’t know anything then and they don’t know anything now. They’re not going to make a difference anywhere they go.”

Hart was also asked about whether competition is good for the pro wrestling industry. “Yeah, competition is always good,” said Hart. “I have a lot of respect for the young wrestlers there like AJ Styles and Kurt Angle and Samoa Joe, Abyss, different guys. I know they’ve got a lot of talent there and guys that I consider good friends of mine including RVD (Rob Van Dam).

“I wish them all the best and I hope the younger stars get a chance to show what they’ve got rather than coming back to the old dinosaurs like Hulk Hogan or Eric Bischoff with the same old certain babble that he’s been doing for 10 years when he’ll babble about nothing. He somehow positions himself to be a star on the show and I think there’s real stars that need to get that light and not him.” To read the full interview, visit

Ring of Honor steps up their game

Ring of Honor announced the signing of Christopher Daniels. The terms of the deal were not disclosed. To read the official announcement, go to

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