Will Tim Tebow and the Florida Gators Go to Another Level in 2008?

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Will Tim Tebow and the Florida Gators Go to Another Level in 2008?

The Gators should put up an astonishing number of points this year, but will it be enough?

If "freak show" Chris Rainey, or as Gator fans call him, "Mr. 4.24," and USC transfer Emmanuel Moody can become dependable, durable backs, then defenses would have to be weary of the ground game.

The Gators lacked a good solid running back last year.  If this problem is fixed, it will be pivotal to the team's success.  This, in turn, will open the field up for Tebow to "better" his already impressive career passing statistics.

Be watchful of Will "The Thrill" Hill, the No. 1 ranked athlete on Rivals, who will be seeing a lot of playing time after another damaging injury to the Gators’ already wounded secondary.

Percy Harvin’s surgery was successful, and it will supposedly enable the wideout to make even harder cuts up the field.  It has also given him that much-needed time in the weight room.  Early reports say that he is now up to 200 pounds and is as solid as ever.  That’s roughly a 25-pound gain from last season.

Will Harvin continue to have a speedy recovery and impress the country once more in his junior season as a Heisman hopeful?

Coach Urban Meyer has gone on record saying he wants to have the fastest team in America, and he moves ever so much closer with the acquisition of freshman track star Jeff Demps, who will be dashing into Florida fans' "title game dreams" with his low 4.32 40.

Demps is no lightweight at 5'10", 180 pounds, and he loves contact, but he can just as well run around the defense if he prefers.

Okay, okay, if you’re not a Gator fan you’re probably tired of seeing and hearing about this guy.  Maybe you’re tired of the blinding spotlight that’s been placed on him since before he took his first snap.  It could be you don't like successful players unless they're on your favorite team.

Or maybe—and this is the one you should worry most about—you might have to play against "Superman."

Excuse my banal expressions, but hey, even Stuart Scott referred to him as "The Man of Steel."

Numbers?  He has them.  Fans?  He has them too.  A ring?  Check.  Throw in a bronze trophy as a sophomore...you know all this.

We all remember the remark June Jones made about Tebow: "He couldn't fit in our system.  He's not a pure passer."  I guess Mr. Jones didn't see the stat book, because number 15 completed 67 percent of his passes, averaging nine-and-a-half yards per pass, for a total of 3,286 yards.

Everyone praised Colt Brennan's passing abilities—Colt had six more touchdowns on 160 more attempts.  Quick note: Tebow threw 32 TDs on 350 attempts.  That’s exactly one TD for every 11 attempts—you figure out the rest of the math.

Both had roughly the same completion percentage, and Brennan had two FEWER yards per pass.  Not so impressive considering Hawaii’s side-armed, sling it offensive scheme.

Whether you like Tebow or not as a player, you've got to respect him as a person.  He is a wonderful influence on children and adults alike.

Many athletes and individuals in the limelight are close-lipped about their faith.  He has the courage to vocalize his appreciation for what he’s been blessed with.  He upholds a standard of class that is becoming a rarity amongst athletes of my generation.

Two years from now, Tim Tebow just might be known as "the greatest"—ever.  With the awards and numbers he has already compiled as an underclassman, and a heavily talented supporting cast, he could easily end up being the best player NCAA football has ever seen.

My new nickname for him is "Tim Uno Cinco"—and yes, I think Tebow could beat Michael Phelps in the 100 meter Fly. <joke>

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