Top 5 Shooting Big Men In The NBA

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Top 5 Shooting Big Men In The NBA
Ronald Martinez/Getty Images
Dirk has always been a great shooter.

Some NBA guards can’t even shoot the ball. So when big power forwards and centers can knock down mid-range and three point shots; it’s a big deal. Not a lot of big men can shoot from as far out as these five guys I am about to name.

5. LaMarcus Aldridge

2009-2010 Stats: 43% shooting percentage and 50% 3 point percentage

After watching a few videos of Aldridge he doesn't use a step back or pump fake when he shoots his jump shot. He just pulls up and since he is 6'11 defenders can't just stick a hand up and expect to get a block. He was 5-16 this year from beyond the three point line.

4.  Chris Bosh

2009-2010 Stats: 51% shooting percentage and 36% 3 point percentage

Right now the only thing people think about Chris Bosh is that he is part of the "Big Three." But Bosh is a good shooter. Out of that 36 percent 3 point percentage he was 8-22. Overall in his career he is 50-168 which is 29 percent that’s not bad for a guy who is an aggressive 6'10 guy. When a 6'10 player has a good jump shot, it’s hard to defend.

3. Andrea Bargnani

2009-2010 Stats: 47% shooting percentage and 37% 3 point percentage

Unlike the other two players so far Bargnani is more of a shooter than an aggressive drive to the basket type player. He is a great pull up jump shooter. Andrea has made 430 3 pointers in his fourth year NBA career. At seven feet tall having a jump shot like Bargnani's is a great addition to any centers game.

2. Channing Frye

2009-2010 Stats: 45% shooting percentage and 43% 3 point percentage

Fyre had a breakout year this year, he struggled early in his career but when he came back from the offseason with a great 3 point shot. Frye knocked down 172 3 pointers in the 2009-2010 season alone. Not to mention that he had 30 made 3 pointers in the playoffs. Both were records for the 2009-2010 season and 2009-2010 playoffs. Frye has a great pull up shot. He could be the shooting big man to watch out for in the NBA for the next 10 seasons, since he’s only 27.

1. Dirk Nowitzki

2009-2010 Stats: 48% shooting percentage and 42% 3 point percentage

Dirk has been a great jump shooter his whole career and that’s why I picked him as the No. 1 Shooting Big Man in the NBA. He made 51 3 pointers this last season. And 1,131 3 pointers in his career. He also is a great midrange shooter. He is a forward that you can kick the ball out to, and with Jason Kidd, who can drive, this offense works out great. He is better than a lot of guards at shooting but at seven feet, he can also get rebounds. Players like Dirk are some of the most useful players in basketball.

Please comment and say players that you think could be considered to be in the Top five.

Two that I considered are; Boris Diaw and Rashad Lewis. But I was kind of looking more at BIG guys. They’re both around 6’8. Could be Small Forwards.

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