Darrelle Revis Holdout Update: Why Tim Cowlishaw Was Dead Wrong

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Darrelle Revis Holdout Update: Why Tim Cowlishaw Was Dead Wrong
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New York Jets and NFL fans, I would like to relay a very important piece of information to you.

With respect to the recent Tim Cowlishaw "Darrelle Revis is getting a deal done" news fiasco, New York Jets and NFL fans would agree.

Cowlishaw was wrong—dead wrong.

In his now infamous August 22nd quote on Twitter, Dallas Morning News reporter and ESPN Around the Horn talking head Tim Cowlishaw proudly tweeted, “Revis and Jets announce new deal, probably Wednesday. You heard it here first. Inside information!”

According to two of my named sources—Captain Obvious and Common Sense—Wednesday, August 25th, 2010 came and went last week, which seemingly goes a long way towards discrediting Cowlishaw’s botched attempt at inside-scoop journalism.

Jets fans have been infuriated by the whole Revis holdout saga, with some even harboring disdain for the disgruntled All-Pro cornerback.

Numerous others are labeling his agent Neil Schwartz as public enemy No. 1.

However, thanks to Cowlishaw’s gaffe, Schwartz has temporarily taken a back seat to the newest saga goat, Cowlishaw.

In one of his recent blog entries, Cowlishaw tries to save face by stating the following:

"It's my mistake. I was wrong, and while I once saw a significant difference between a column or story that I spend hours writing for The Dallas Morning News and a 15-word 'tweet,' I no longer do.

"It is one of the things I like least about this business when I hear a reporter blame his or her sources after either getting beat on a story or having things go differently than they had said they would.

"'My source lied to me. My source was misled by someone else.'

"Doesn't matter. The person who writes the story (or Tweet) is the one responsible.

"So what happened in this case is irrelevant. It's on me."

Cowlishaw can discuss his “sources” and how they were misled by someone else’s sources, but at the end of the day, the reporter is the one that is ultimately held accountable.

Was Cowlishaw’s news fit to print?

We know the answer to that question.

Fortunately for the Jets and their fans, they don’t open the season ‘til September 13th against the Baltimore Ravens, so that gives everyone a couple more weeks to hope that a Revis deal can and will get done.

Whether it does or not remains to be seen. However, one thing’s for certain: At the end of the day, Tim Cowlishaw will have as much to do with a Revis deal getting done as I will.

Not a single thing.

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