The Future of the UFC Rests with Jon 'Bones' Jones

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The Future of the UFC Rests with Jon 'Bones' Jones
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eneath the clouds of misfortune, lies Strikeforce. With two of its most marketable draws losing their belts recently, it’s only a matter of time until the organization folds.

In a little venue in Broomsfield, Colorado, chants fill the arena, “Bones!” “Bones!” “Bones!” Shortly after the dismantling of veteran UFC fighter Brandon Vera, the man they call “Bones” slaughters veteran fighter Vladamir Matyshunko in San Diego. 

The first-round submission victory was nothing new to the seasoned MMA crowd. What was new and refreshing was the post-fight interview by Joe Rogan. Jon Jones, a young, African-American male who fights for a living was as well spoken as a US Congressman.

It was both refreshing and gratifying to see a young ambassador in the making. The UFC is smart in starting him in small venues, but it’s time to unleash the beast.

Why is the UFC investing so much in Brock Lesnar? What will happen when this man fails? Who will take his place as the king of pay-per-view? Brock has only been with the UFC for a short time and has already generated the most pay-per-view buys of any of their fighters…by a long shot.

With Jones and Lesnar as the King and Prince of MMA, the UFC will not falter. If the UFC continues on their current marketing strategy, then when Lesnar loses, Jones will still be a lesser-known fighter, and the UFC will be left spinning it's tires. 

I am no prophet, but the writing is on the wall. Lesnar is no ambassador. He is out for a paycheck. When all is said and done, his loyalty with the UFC dies. Jones seems to want to be the face of the UFC, such as Iceman was back in the day. It’s just nice to have someone representing who can construct full sentences, and not constantly talk about after-parties.

It's time for Dana White, UFC's president, to pull up his panties for Brock, and turn to Bones.

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