This Week In Text: Sports Headlines in Text Message Form

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This Week In Text: Sports Headlines in Text Message Form

This is a new running idea I got while checking out the new functions on my Packers issued Motorola the other day (damn thing never gets service below the Mason-Dixon Line).

Here's a recap of the week in sports relayed through various text messages that hypothetically were sent this past week:

Brett Favre to Ted Thompson—I guess I'll stay down here in Miss for a lil while longer.  Release me! Wish I could still just b a Packer though :-(...Don't worry when I'm dun wit all this ur hands will b dirtier than Pac Man's on a trip to Canada.  Ttyl

<3 Brett <3

Josh Childress to Michael Olowakandi—U should def come out to Greece.  The ladies here r nice and there is no Greek word for bust.  Let's tear this place up Candy Man!


Chad Johnson to Manny Ramirez—Man why didn't I think of that?  U r a genius!

Future H.O.F. Class of 20??

Bart Starr to Ted Thompson—I thnik I sitll got somthin letf in the ol tan k.  Can I unretire 2?  Sorry not gud wiht thsi magic fone u guys gaev me. 

The Forgotten QB

Jeremy Shockey to Drew Brees—U better throw me the damn ball!  Have a nice weekend.


C.C. Sabathia to Local Burger King—1 Steakhouse Burger, 1 Chicken Sandwich, 2 Onion Rings, 1 Large Fry, Large Coke, and 12 Apple Pies

Heavy Hitter

Adam Jones to Restricted—Can Ashley make me client No. 10?

Rain Man

Kimbo Slice to Nashville Star—1 for Gabe Garcia

Tim Donaghy to Charles Barkley—I got really use that extra $ right now.  C ya in 6-12 months.  Always double down on black.

Tainted Tim

Brandon Jennings to O.J. Mayo—I finally found a place where I could get Mayo-type Money!  Lol :-)

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