Fantasy Football Minds Want To Know: Who's Going Cheap?

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Fantasy Football Minds Want To Know: Who's Going Cheap?
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A true fantasy football player should never reveal his secrets until Draft Day...

Instead I'm going to tease you, feed you and leave you with some questions that will have you scratching your heads for the next two months!! ENJOY...

I'll start with the photograph that I chose. No, I don't want to talk about drafting Matt Leinart as we all know that Derek Anderson is going to get that job! I want to talk about Larry Fitzgerald . Will the departures of future Hall of Famer Kurt Warner and life-long buddy Anquan Boldin be the fantasy death of Fitzgerald??

My answer: Absolutely not! Larry is a freak of nature who will "get his" no matter what. His size, speed, hands and youth are second to none. I put him 3rd on the depth chart of WRs in any format between Moss and Wayne. Don't make the mistake of passing him by based on his teamates! I like him over the likes of runningback picks Benson, Turner, Greene and all QB picks.

And then there is Brett Favre. It is inevitable that he is coming back... do you really think that he had ankle surgery to ride his lawn mower?? So assuming that he is coming back for his 80th season as a quarter back in the NFL, when and why do you draft him?

The answer remains foggy in my head but its a simple answer in my opinion. This is how I weigh Favre in: Durability ; check Plays for a great team with an awesome O-line; check Has good wide receivers to throw to; check Has Adrian Peterson as a run threat to keep Defenses honest; check. I think I may have talked myself into drafting him by round 7...NOPE!! I don't trust his arm anymore. I put him behind McNabb, Kolb and Palmer. I predict that he will have less fantasy points than Micheal Vick!!

Thunder and lightening, Dash and Smash or what ever you want to call them... DeAngelo Williams and Jonathan Stewart are still in my eyes the best one-two-punch in the fantasy world. Its funny to me that we turn our backs on runningbacks (no pun intended, ok maybe) that have a little bump in the road. I can see someone getting black-balled for an injury as that should be made as a big deal. Tearing an ACL and having Jake Delhomme ruin half your season are not the same thing! Where should we take Williams and Stewart this year?

I'm not going to tell you to pay too much for either of these fine young studs. What I will say is that both are going to be better than expect for a couple reasons. One is that Matt Moore is 10 times better than crippled old Delhomme and has a reason to better himself with the young gunslinger Jimmy Clausen on his coat-tails. Second is that I think that Coach Fox realized that last years plan didn't take them to the playoffs, its the running game that took them there in '08. I like DeAngelo over Gore, Matthews and Steven Jackson! I am taking Stewart over Beanie Wells, Ronnie Brown, Jamaal Charles and Joseph Addai. Yes, you heard me!!

I will leave you with a short list of my sleepers. First is Wes Welker, hurt or not I am taking him earlier than any other "bench player wideout". 100 receptions 1100 yds 6 tds

Second is Marshawn Lynch. He's too good to ride the pine. I can see Buffalo look to deal him for bandages of their REAL needs. sits out first 3 weeks then tallies 900 yds and 10 tds for "another team"

Third is Carson Palmer/ Antonio Bryant. This combo will rack the points up in 2010 mark my word. They will be more successful than Brees to Colston!! Carson to Bryant 1000 yds 11 tds Brees to Colston 800 yds 5tds

Fourth is my sure pick of Anquan Boldin. Just thinking about how good Flacco made Mason look like last year makes Boldin a steal in the 5th round, which is where he is going in Mock drafts this season. 1250 yds 13-18 tds I LOVE THIS PICK!

Lastly I want to shout out to the Tom Brady haters out there in Fantasy Land. It is his contract year as well as Randy's!! 40 tds is not out of the question for a man on a mission! Don't draft a "question-mark" wide receiver over the great Tom Brady!

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