Brady Quinn & Chinedum Ndukwe Reminisce at College Football Hall of Fame

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Brady Quinn & Chinedum Ndukwe Reminisce at College Football Hall of Fame

 Brady Quinn & Chinedum Ndukwe Reminisce at College Football Hall of Fame">Brady Quinn & Chinedum Ndukwe Reminisce at College Football Hall of Fame

As reported a couple of days ago, Brady Quinn and his best friend since 7th grade, Chinedum Ndukwe, visited children at the Memorial Children’s Hospital in South Bend, IN. They also made their appearance at the College Football Hall of Fame Gridiron Legends Luncheon.

This article from WSBT, really showcases just how good of friends they really are.


Former Notre Dame football players Brady Quinn & Chinedum Ndukwe share a laugh during Monday's College Football Hall of Fame Gridiron Legends Luncheon. (WSBT Photo)

About eight in every 10,000 high school football players make it to the NFL. Not only have Brady Quinn and Chinedum Ndukwe accomplished that, but they did it from the same high school, and forged a friendship in the process that is still going strong today.

During their time at Notre Dame, Quinn and Ndukwe were not just teammates, and not just roommates, but great friends.

Or, at least, friends.

“You know what kind of a friend he is? He’ll leave all his hair products in the bathroom when we were roommates,” Ndukwe said. “Just leave them all over, like the counter. Everywhere.”

“He’s got a lack of hair,” Quinn said. “So I don’t know what he’s going to do with any of that.”

Quinn and Ndukwe have been going back and forth like this since they were first teammates, in seventh grade. Last fall – 13 years later – they finally got to play against each other. Their recollections of that week 12 game are quite different.

Quinn had a rushing touchdown, but Ndukwe’s Bengals won the game. Either way, it was a great reunion.

“He’s my best friend.” Quinn said. “He’s one of those guys where if we don’t see each other for a long time, the next time we re-unite, it’s like time hasn’t passed. We just continue to keep on and have a good time together.”

“We’ve been through highs and lows together,” Ndukwe said. “He’s probably going to be the best man at my wedding. That’s probably like 10 years from now.”

And when that happens, Quinn will be there. Hair products and all.


I am happy to report that one of our Brady Bunchers was in attendance yesterday at the Century Center in South Bend, IN.

So the day has come and gone and man did I have a blast! I was so so lucky to meet Brady, talk with him, have somethings signed by him.

We met in the upper part of the Century Center before the event took place. I sit very close for the ND home games and he remembered us from the games and we chatted about, the snow in Denver, and so on. He said he is really focused on this next year coming up, talked about his sister, Laura Hawk, being 4 months pregnant, and The Ndukwe Foundation.

During the event, it was about life at Notre Dame and giving back to the community as ND and his parents have taught him. He talked about how he and Chinedum became friends in 7th grade over a cheap shot that Chinedum threw on Brady during a game, and about how nice it was to have AJ Hawk to talk football with.

They asked Brady if his football career ended today what would he do, he responded by saying he would come back to ND, get a law degree, be a lawyer, and run a foundation as well. It was a great day for me.

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As Brady Quinn grows in strength, intelligence, and spiritual and corporeal maturity in his own and professional life, we will grow too.


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