2010 FIFA World Cup: Tim Cahill's Red Card Only Blemish For Refs So Far

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2010 FIFA World Cup: Tim Cahill's Red Card Only Blemish For Refs So Far
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Australian star Tim Cahill was given a straight red today against Germany yet he clearly didn't deserve it.

If you watch the replay you can clearly tell that Cahill made an admittingly bad effort to recover the ball and certainly deserved a yellow.

However Mexican referee, Marco Antonio Rodriguez saw it fit to give Cahill, Australia's last line of hope to salvage anything from today's game a straight red.

I'm not saying that Australia would've made a comeback today, simply because Germany was at least 10 classes ahead of them but a 4-0 loss pretty much cements Australia's fate if they can't win their next two matches.

With Serbia only losing 1-0 against Ghana, Australia is now -3 goals behind them which could make the difference between them advancing or not.

Cahill's presence and ability was enough to keep the game relatively close and could've even produced a goal allowing them to be in third with one more goal than Serbia.

Now onto the tackle itself which is as I said before was a terrible idea yet there was clearly no intent to try and injure Bastian Schweinsteiger by making that tackle.

His only thought was to tap the ball away from the German's and in the direction of his teammates.

Hopefully, Australia successfully appeals this decision and Cahill avoids a suspension.

This error though was to me the only error made by referees this year through three days.

In the opening match, Mexico thought they tapped in an easy first goal giving them a 1-0 lead. But, a brilliant call from the assistant referee took it away.

As you can tell from the reply , Carlos Vela was offsides and the shouldn't have counted.

Today however were some of the toughest calls of the World Cup this year.

During the first match of the day Algeria's Abdelkader Ghezzal threw his arm up for no reason and got a very appropriate handball called against him for his second yellow resulting in a red.

Slovenia later scored against Algeria's ten men in a situation that can only be blamed on the goalkeeper and Ghezzal's stupidity and not the referees for calling it.

Now, in the probably the most important call thus far and a call that has you wondering where Argentina's Hector Baldassi was during France and Ireland's play-off.

You see, Baldassi got the handball against Zdravko Kuzmanovic 100 percent correct and he was on the opposite side of the field surrounded by a swarm of vuvuzelas!

As you can tell Kuzmanovic clearly touched the ball and just like Ghezzal did so for no reason.

It was a clear call to give the penalty shot to Ghana which they took advantage of, winning the game 1-0.

However, the pure "guts" to actually call it far outweigh any potential backlash he'd have received.

When you think of it, the odds that he had a 100 percent clear view of the play are slim and the odds that he actually knew the ball hit his arm was more like 75 percent.

So far, in this World Cup there has been some amazing referees and aside from Cahill's straight red there haven't been many controversial decisions from the referees which is the way it's supposed to be.

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