UFC 113 Machida vs. Shogun 2: Live Play-By-Play and Results in Montreal

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UFC 113 Machida vs. Shogun 2: Live Play-By-Play and Results in Montreal
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I'm here at the Bell Centre in Montreal covering all the action for UFC 113: Machida vs. Shogun 2.

The first bout is scheduled to begin at 7:20 p.m. ET. Hit the page refresh button regularly to get live play-by-play, observations, and results for the most anticipated rematch of the year.

I'm in my media seat now, with 15 minutes before the prelims begin.  Unlike boxing events, there are already about 4000 people here in attendance.

7:17 Georges St. Pierre just walked onto the arena floor to big cheers.

7:27 Probably close to 8000 in attendance now.

7:28 The crowd is very loud already.

Jason MacDonald vs. John Salter

Huge cheers for the Canadian, MacDonald during the walkout.

Round One

Early measuring.  Salter catches Maconald. They clinch up.  MacDnald against the fence. Nominal knees to the legs by Salter. They break off.  Clinching again, but Miragliotta separates them.  Macdonald catches Salter with a knee. Salter goes for a takedown.  Macdonald falls awkwardly, and injures his foot.  The fight is stopped.

The bout is called officially at 2:42 of round one. John Salter wins by TKO due to injury.

MacDonald is unable to walk by himself and is helped off with a brace on his leg.

Yoshiyuki Yoshida vs. Mike Guymon

Round One

Yoshida eats a knee and they clinch up. Guymon against the cage.  Yoshida tries a throw but winds up in bottom half guard.  Yoshida works a guillotine, but it doesn't look close. Guymon works to pass.  Guymon passes to side control against the fence.  Yoshida gets back to his feet, but now guymon is trying a standing guillotine of his own. Yoshida gets out, and more clinching against the fence.  Guymon backs Yoshida up and lands a staight right. Another exchange with Guymon landing. Guymon on top in half guard landing elbows and punches. Prety easy to score this round 10-9 for Guymon.

Round Two

Guymon backs Yoshida up with punches.  Then Yoshida goes forward with punches of his own.  Yoshida tries to pull off a guillotine attempt but winds up mounted.  He pushed off the fence with his feet to escape.  Yoshida tries a guillotine again, but again it only  results in him winding up on bottom.  Guymon takes Yoshida's back in a scramble.  Yoshida is mounted and gives up his back.  Guymon sinks in the choke, but Yoshida escapes and winds up in Guymon's guard. Yoshida escapes an armbar attempt and moves to mount and then side control.  Less than a minute left in the round.  Guymon gets to his knees and then regains half-butterfly guard at the end of the round.  This was a closer round but it's still Guymon's 10-9.

Round Three

Guymon packs up Yoshida and lands body kicks. Guymon lands a 1-2.  They're teeing off against the fence. Guymon wins the exchanges.  Yoshida gets a takedown and is in half-guard. Yoshida tries to take Guymon's back but loses the scramble and eats hammer fists on the bottom. They get back to their feet.  Back on the ground again with Guymon mounting Yoshida, and then taking his back. Guymon moves to the mount again. Yoshida uses the fence to try to escape.  Yoshida eating back elbows as he's pinned awkwardly against the fence. Guymon on top in half-guard. Yoshida is eating small shots on the bottom. 10-9 for Guymon, arguably 10-8.

Yoshida is slow to get to his feet.

I have it 30-27 for Guymon.

All three judges score the bout 30-27 for Mike Guymon.

Guymon is very emotional after his first UFC victory.

Tim Hague vs. Joey Beltran

Tim Hague getting a nice ovation from the crowd.  The Canadians are certainly supporting their own. I can only imagine how loud it'll get by the time Patrick Cote comes out.

Yamisaki gets lightly booed for some reason.

Round One

Hague moves forward and they clinch against the fence. They break off. Hague goes for a single leg and tries to change to a double against the fence.  They break off again.  Belrtan measures with his jab. Hague lands an overhand right but he eats a few short punches in reprisal. Beltran connects moving forward. Hague misses with a big overhand right.  Beltran is flurrying and lands a few punches. Hague isn't doing well when he's backing up. Beltran marches forward again with wide punches.  Hague lands a big leg kick and a few punches.  Hague lands a nice hook of his own and then a few more punches.  Hague's nose is bleeding.  Beltran lands a nice uppercut.  A wild exchange ends the round, but it looks like Beltran got the better of it. 10-9 Beltran.

Round Two

Hague lands two punches moving forward and flurries on Beltran against the fence, but Beltran escapes. Now Beltran moves forward with combinations. Hague connects with a hook and flurries against the fence again. This is a much better round for Hague, and the crowd gets excited. Uppercut lands for Beltran. They circle in the middle.  Beltran moves forward but gets countered. Hague is circling better this round which is heling him. Beltran measuring with the jab. Hague lands a wild hook.  They echange wild punches.   Tough round to score. Beltran gets the better of more exchanges I think, but I might give it to Hague on the back of those flurries. 10-9 Hague.

Round Three

Hague moves forward with punches and gets a takedown, but Beltran escapes.  Hague eats hooks, uppercuts, and then now leg kicks. Hague moves forward with punches and then gets a takedown. Hague stands in Beltran's guard and Beltran escapes as Hague attempts a pass Hague lands an overhand right.  Beltran lands an uppercut.  Hague looks really tired now. Beltran lands a right. Overhand right by Hague has Beltran rocked. Inside upperut by Beltran. Hague gets another takedown. Hague passes to half guard and then mounts Beltran. Hague lands big punches. Hague falls back for an armbar and winds up on bottom. He eats a few punches. Beltran stands up and they're back on their feet. 10-9 Hague.  This could easily be a split decision though, based on the second round.

I have it 29-28 for Hague.

The judges give it 30-27, 20-26, and 29-28 for Beltran.  I may need to rewatch this one.

The crowd boos the decision, but it's a hometown crowd for Hague.

TJ Grant vs. Johny Hendricks

Round One

Hook by Hendricks.  Head kick by Grant. Grant gets a takedown and Grant loks for a kimura and then a guillotine.  He tries to pull guard, and escapes to his feet.  Grant lands a right hand. Body kick by Grant. Grant lands a knee to the head and pushes off Hendricks' clinch attempts. Right lands for Grant. Uppercut for Hendricks misses.  Grant connects to the groin on a kick. The referee calls a timeout.

Hendricks lands a few straight rights, but eats clinch knees from Grant.  Grant amazingly stays on his feet after a slam attempt by Hendricks. Right lands for Grant. Clinch knees by grant.  Left hook, right straight by Grant. Hendricks grabs a double leg. and gets Grant down but Grant is up almost immediately.  Grant comes forward with big punches. Hendricks lands a punch after the bell, but apologizes. 10-9 Grant.

Round Two

Hendricks misses a hook. Leg kick by hendricks is checked. Straight right lands forhendricks, but it's answered. Sright uppercut gets through for Hendricks. Grant tries a kneee but the knee is caught and he gets taken down.  Hendricks struggles to pass Grant's guard. Grant is back up. Right hand followed by a knee lands for Grant. Two rights land for Grant. Grant is doing very nicely with his thai clinch whenever he gets it. This is a very impressive fight for Grant so far and the crowd responds. Another knee to the head for Grant, but Hendricks gets a big takedown. Grant uses his legs well to maintain guard. Butterfly guard for Grant. They get up to the feet and Grant lands a head kick. Grant stuffs Hendricks takedown attempts and works his thai plum for a few knees. This is a closer round, but I still have it 10-9 Grant.

Round Three

Inside leg kicks for Hendricks. Grant fires back with his own, but connects to the groin. A point is deducted from Grant. Outside leg kick by Hendricks. Head kick misses for Grant. Body kick by Grant, but Hendricks picks him up Matt Hughes style and slams him on his butt. Hendricks can't do much from Grant's guard. Hendricks lets Grant up. Grant works his thai clinch but Hendricks escapes and lands a few punches. Grant works his thai clinch again, but gets taken down against the fence.  So far there are two stories to this fight. 1) Grant's thai clinch, 2) Hendricks can't do much from Grant's guard.  Just as I say that Hendricks lands some punches from the guard, but lets Grant up again. Grant connects with some punches but is taken down again. Hendricks passes to half guard and lands some light hammerfists.  The hammerfists get heavier, but Grant is punching back from the bottom as the round ends. Tough round to score.  Hendricks pulled out the round at the end with the takedown and hammer fists. 10-9 Hendricks.

I have the fight a 28-28 draw after the one point deduction.

The judges score the fight 29-27, 29-27 and 28-28 for Johny Hendricks by majority decision.

I could be wrong, but this feels a bit like Ultimate Takedown Championships right now.  It was a pretty great fight, and a great performance for Grant despite the loss.

Marcus Davis vs. Jonathan Goulet

Jonathan gets some good cheers.  the Bell Centre is pretty much full already and the main card hasn't started yet.

Round One

Goulet misses a head kick by feet.  Head kick lands for Goulet. Goulet gets a takedown, but they're up quickly. Punches land for Davis and Goulet is rocked. Goulet recovers after a clinch. Goulet clinches and works for a single leg but Davis sits for a guillotine. Goulet is posturing. Goulet escapes and takes top position with Davis sitting against the fence. Davis gets to his feet. Goulet gets another takedown. They're back up again. They separate. Goulet catches Davis's kick and gets a takedown in the middle of the matt this time. Goulet lands a few punches from top position. Davis scrambles and regains his feet, but he's taken down against the fence. Goulet lands punches against the fence.  This round was a wrestling clinic by Goulet. 10-9 Goulet.

Round Two

Davis lands a three punch combination and Goulet is down. Davis lands solid punches from on top and passes to half guard. As Davis tries to pass, Goulet gets to his knees and then back to his feet, but he's bleeding. Davis connects with a right hook and then a big left hand and Goulet goes down. It's over.

Marcus Davis wins by TKO at 1:23 of round two.

Tom Lawlor vs. Joe Doerksen

9:24 I'm getting updates from other people on the internet who scored the Hague and Grant fights the same way I did. That's reassuring. Lawlor comes out like he's Apollo Creed from Rocky IV. The crowd likes it.

Joe Doerksen comes out to BTO's Taking Care of Business.  Not a bad duo of entrances, but Doerksen didn't pack a costume like Lawlor.

Round One

Body kick by Doerksen. They're both swinging, but nothing is landing. Punches land for Lawler but Doerksen fires back with clinch knees. Hook by Lawlor. Head kick by Doerksen. Hook lands for Lawler. A big left drops Doerksen but he recovers to his feet.  Doerksen is getting beaten up by 1-2 lefty combinations now. Doerksen recovers and they're brawling from inside. Straight right lands for Doerksen, but Lawler still getting the better of the exchanges. Lawlor's straight left is bad news for Doerksen. Doerksen lands an uppercut and moves forward. Clinch elbows by Lawlor. Lawlor goes for a takedown.  Doerksen almost pulls off a switch.  Exciting round. 10-9 Lawlor.

Round Two

Head kick blocked by Lawler. Body Kick by Doerksen. Lawler lands a hook. More kicks from Doerksen and he comes forward with a nice right hand. Right hand for Doerksen. Hook by Lawlor. Hook followed by a big right straight fo Doerksen.  Lawlor gets Doerksen down but Doerksen scrambles and sinks in a rear-naked choke.  This is a pretty huge upset for Doerksen. Of all the Canadians on this card, Doerksen was probably the second least likely to win.

Doerksen wins by rear-naked choke at 2:10 of round two.

9:55 The lights are dimmed and they're showing highlights on the big screens to Baba O'Reilly, attempting to keep the crowd pumped up.  The takedowns they're showing are all nicely timed with the guitar slams near the end of the song.

Main Card

As the UFC PPV begins I'm hearing rumors that Shogun has a leg injury, but Dana White is denying that rumor.

Both Machida and Shogun are getting some love from the fans as the PPV lead video plays.

10:04 The Bell Centre is now officially packed.

10:07 Kimbo Slice is a legend, apparently.

Patrick Cote vs. Alan Belcher

I'm liking Belcher's bluesey Hendrix entrance music. Not liking the Johnny Cash tattoo, as usual.

Vey nice reception for Cote.

Round One

Body kicks by Belcher. Cote is trying to close the distance. Belcher lands a groin kick and charges in before the ref separates them. The fight restarts. Cote lands a combination from inside.  Cote gets inside and lands a nice straight.  Belcher continues with his kicks from the southaw stance.  Cote  is winning from the inside, but  is getting picked apart from the outside. Cote gets Belcher down. Cote passes to half guard and works for a kimura.  Cote steps over belchers head. Scamble ensues and Belcher ends up on top in half guard. Belcher passes to side control. Cote gets to his knees, but is forced back to the mat. Interesting round, but it's 10-9 Belcher, mostly with his body kicks.

Round Two

Cote connects with hands. Hook lands for Cote. Right lands for Cote. Cote moves forward with punches. Belcher is covering up. Belcher clinches and pushes Cote to the fence. Belcher has double underhooks and works some short knees, but nothing serious. Belcher gets out and lands right hands. Cote eats a knee but he gets a takedown.  Belcher scoots to the fence. Cote tries to drag Belcher back down to the ground. Belcher slams down Cote as Cote goes for a double leg. Belcher takes Cote's back and gets the rear-naked choke.

Bad night for the Canadians tonight, with only Sam Stout left to redeem the home nation.

Belcher wins by submission at 3:25 of round two.

Belcher says that he thinks he can pick Anderson Silva apart on the feet. I'd put the odds of that happening at about 1000 to 1.  He landed body kicks on Cote, but was largely getting out-boxed by Cote badly before the submission.

Kimbo Slice vs. Matt Mitrione

Round One

Mitrione misses a head kick. Kimbo lands a right hand and gets a takedown but is reversed. High energy slams going on. You need to watch the replay of this thing! It's not too technical but it's pretty fun. Kimbo winds up in a triangle but escapes to side control. The crowd is going nuts.

Mitrione regains half guard with a far side underhook. Mitrione regains his feet and lands a knee. Kimbo grabs a single leg and gets another takedown. Kimbo fights off a tringale attempt and lets Mitrione back up. Right lands for Kimbo. Mitrione missed a head kick. Kimbo moves forward with punches. Body punches by Kimbo and a knee by Mitrione. Kimbo drops from a kick to the leg. Kimbo fights off an anaconda choke. The round ends with Mitrione in side control. 10-9 Mitrione.

Round Two

Straight left lands by Mitrione. Kimbo goes for a body lock but needs to fight off a guillotine. Big right by Kimbo misses. Kicks start piling up for Mitrione. Kimbo looks really tired now. Punches by Mitrione. Kimbo struggles to try to get a takedown. Mitrione sprawls and takes Kimbos side before trying an anaconda choke again. Knees to the body land for Mitrione. The ref is watching closely. Kimbo is mounted. Mitrione lands punches. Kimbo looks close to being finished, but Mitrione drops and attempts a keylock. The punching resumes. Miragliotta finally steps in and saves Kimbo.

Sam Stout vs. Jeremy Stephens

Here comes Sam Stout to try and salvage a disappointing night for the Canadians, especially after the Montreal Canadiens lost tonight against Pittsburgh.

Round One

The first meaningful punches are landed by Stephens. Stephens catches a kick and takes Stout down with a punch. Stou quickly gets back to his feet. Stout gets caught with a big right hand that forces him to back up. Big leg kick by Stout. Nice body punches by Stout who moves in and out. Stout is dropped by a right hand. Stout gets back to his feet but eats a knee. Stephens lands more right hands. Stout's combinations look pretty but he's getting beaten up so far.

Nice inside combination to the body  by Stout. Stout moves across with a nice leg kick. If Stout is going to win this, it's going to be by taking away Stephens' movement, because he doesn't have the power to trade with Stephens, it seems. 10-9 Stephens.

Round Two

A body kick by Stout gets countered with two nice punches by Stephens.  Stephens is really landing with his right hand. Stephens catches Stout with a kick and drops him with a right hand again. Stout works for a kimura, but it looks more like a trick to get back to his feet. He gets back up. Stout lands with a few nice jab straight combinations. Hook by Stout. Stout starting to land. Stephens is starting to check kicks. Stephens tries to catch another leg kick but misses. Stephens lands punches. Stout stuffs a takedown. Stepphens' leg is starting to lose a bit of mobility. Stephens misses a spinning back kick. Stout follows suit. 10-9 Stephens.

I don't think my pre-fight predicitions could have been anymore wrong, so far.  I'm glad I didn't pick the undercard, because I wouldn't have picked Guymon, Doerksen, Beltran or Salter.

Round Three

Kick to the groin begins round three. The bout restarts after a brief pause. Stout moves forward. Stephens lands a a nice right hand and is now mixing in some kicks of his own. Stout defends another takedown. Flying knee attempt by Stephens. Jab, jab, switch kick by Stout. Exchange in the pocket. Stout ducks a big right hand. Stiff jab by Stephens. Knee by Stephens. Stephens is hurt. Stout gets on top and is landing punches. Elbows by Stout from inside the guard. Stout has less than two minutes to really make a mark on this fight. He' ahead inthis round, but I don't think that's enough.

Stephens movement is hampered, but he still moves forward.Stephens is bleeding underneath his right eye. Stephens is walking Stout down. Stephens gets a takedown against the fence but Stout is back up immediately. A close round, but Stout might get it from when he had Stephens hurt. 10-9 Stout.

I have this fight at 29-28 for Jeremy Stephens.

The judges score it 30-27, 29-28, and 28-29 as a split decision for Jeremy Stephens.

And so ends a bad night for the Canadian fighters.

Co-Main Event: Welterweight Title Eliminator Bout

Josh Koscheck vs. Paul Daley

Round One

Daley misses a flying knee. Koscheck changing levels like he's going to shoot for a takedown. Smart. Feeling out process going on as Daley fears the takedown. Datedown by Koscheck. Daley briefly gets up to his feet against the fence but is slammed back down. Side control for Koscheck.

Koscheck looks to mount but winds up in half guard. Small body shots are delivered by Koscheck, but daley avoids damage. Daley's guard looks slightly better than excpected. Koscheck takes Daley's back, but has no hooks in. Daley runs the fence to avoid the hooks. Daley hangs on to koscheck's arm  to avoid the choke. Koshcheck cinches the choke, Daley escapes. Daley misses on a knee to a grounded opponent, but Koscheck goes down as if he's hurt. The bout is paused.

After the officials see the video, the bout is restarted. The video shows Daley completely missing the knee. The crowd is 100% behind Daley now. Round one ends.

After this fight, we may need to look into rules regarding fighters faking injury. 10-9 Koscheck, but if I could deduct a point, I would.

Round Two

Daley stalks Koscheck and lands a left, but he's taken down again. The expected chants of GSP come as Daley defends from his back. Koscheck nearly mounts. Koscheck passes to side control, but Daley regains half-guard. Daley is defending well, but he can't get up.

Back control for Koscheck, who lands big punches. Not too much damage done, but this round was all Koscheck. 10-9 Koscheck.

Huge cheers with St. Pierre on the big screens.

Round Three

Uppercut by Daley. Hook by Daley barely misses. Hook by Daley and a knee, but Koshcekc gets a hold on Daley's legs. Daley is down again. Koscheck in half-guard. My Twitter is going nuts with vitriolic rage directed at Koscheck. Koscheck passes to side control and then to mount. Daley tries to hip escape, but is unsuccessful. Daley gives up his back to regain half guard.

I've got this one 30-27 for Koscheck, but he's earned himself no fans.

Daley punches Koscheck after the fight is over and Miragliotta tries to tear Daley's head off. The post-fight punch is probably suspension-worthy, but some people are going to say that Koscheck deserved it..

All three judges score the bout 30-27 for Koscheck.

Overwhelming boos.

If it wasn't clear before (and it was), St. Pierre will be the fan favorite against Koscheck, who may now be the most hated fighter in the UFC.

Main Event: UFC Light-Heavyweight Title Bout

Lyoto Machida vs. Mauricio Rua

It's often said that people will only remember the main event. Given what happened in the last fight, let's hope that's the case here and that Machida and Rua put on a good show to finish the night.

Mixed applause for Machida, but generally a pretty polite welcome for the champ.

Round One

Machida still backing up to the left. Machida switches to his orthodox stance after a minute. Machida switching stances frequently. Shogun scoring with weak punches. Leg kick by Rua. Machida gets the takedown and is in half-guard. Shogun works and underhook and gets to his feet.

Knees to the legs by Shogun. Machida bows forward. Another takedown by Machida who is in half-guard again. Machida lands a few elbows. Shogun works te same underhook and gets to his feet again.  Elbow by Shogun. Machida in his orthodox stance.

Shogun knocks Machida down with a big right hand and gets to mount. Rua punches Machida out from the mount position.

Winner by KO at 3:45 Mauricio Rua, who is the new light-heavyweight champion of the UFC.


Well, that's it folks.  An exciting final bout ends in decisive and emphatic fashion for the new champion, Mauricio "Shogun" Rua.

Check out my new article that goes more in depth into the fight between Shogun and Machida

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