Floyd Mayweather Jr and Shane Mosley Trade Steroid Accusations

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Floyd Mayweather Jr and Shane Mosley Trade Steroid Accusations
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As I'm sure many of you are aware Sugar Shane Mosley has admitted to getting involved with notorious steroid factory Balco Labs. Balco and its founder Victor Conte have been linked to famous athletes Barry Bonds, Jason Giambi, Olympic gold medalist Marion Jones, and now Shane Mosley.

According to a video tape released by Conte on YouTube, Mosley admits using designer steroids "the clear" and "the cream" prior to his 2003 bout with Oscar De La Hoya.

Mosley maintains that he unknowingly took the steroids on the advice of former strength and conditioning coach Daryl Hudson. Mosley had already admitted in a federal grand jury that he had used the steroids but the YouTube video has given upcoming superfight opponent Floyd Mayweather Jr. ample ammunition to trash talk.

Maybe Mosley was naive and maybe he was duped, but now his legacy is threatened and if he should win on May 1st so is the potential victory over Mayweather.

Even though there is a clause that calls for a steroid test to be administered, many will wonder if Shane's musculature and power (his calling card) is solely the result of hard work or is synthetic and paid for.

Mosley's Rant:

A week ago Mosley went on the offensive against his upcoming opponent, Floyd Mayweather Jr., and implied that maybe he was "dabbling in steroids":

"What's weird to me is that everybody on his whole team, all of his security guards, they look like they're on steroids. They all look like they're on 'roids, and I don't understand it. I mean, why does he [Mayweather] keep saying, 'Steroids, steroids, steroids,'" said Mosley.

"And, you know, I notice that Floyd always shaves his head, all of the time. His head is shaved. His head is starting to look a little bigger," said Mosley.

"You know? Maybe, I mean, he has all of these people around him that's on steroids, maybe he dibbles and dabbles a little bit," said Mosley. "The guy that keeps talking, you know, the guys that usually talk about it all of the time, 'Oh, steroids, steroids, steroids, oh, oh,' they're usually the ones on it".

If Shane thought that going on the offensive would put the matter to rest he was wrong, because on Monday Floyd suggested that Mosley lied to the grand jury by saying he unwittingly took steroids and that he knew exactly what he was doing and deserved the same fate as former Olympian Marion Jones. She served six months in prison for lying to federal officials about her involvement with Balco.

Floyd's response:

“We do know this: We know that Shane lies under oath,” Mayweather said. “So we know one thing that is going to happen. If Marion Jones went to jail, we know that Shane is going to jail. That's one thing we do know he's going to do. He's going to do some time."

"Everybody's entitled to their own opinion,” Mayweather said. “Why would I bring USADA to the table, why would I bring the Olympic drug committee to the table, if I'm doing something? Why would I want to bust myself? That doesn't make sense."

“Then, I heard he spoke on my security, about them doing steroids. Why is you snitching? Why is you trying to put everybody on your steroid team? Like I said before, we don't really know how many fights Shane has won, being clean. We don't know. Has he ever been clean? Do we know? No, we don't know."

One thing is certain, with four days to go until the fight, this is certainly not the last we will hear from either camp. Mosley has yet to learn that Mayweather loves the verbal jousting and lies in wait, like a cobra waiting to strike Mosley as soon as he opens his mouth.

On a personal level, Shane Mosley has been my favorite boxer since the Cobra, Donald Curry, finally retired in 1997, and the steroid revelations have been crushing.

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