10 Notable Men's College Soccer Successes

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10 Notable Men's College Soccer Successes

College soccer has been criticized for many things in the past and even now.

Many say that college level soccer is not competitive enough to be a spring board into the professional realm.

Some of these criticisms do make sense.

College soccer needs to be more competitive; this could be helped by increasing the speed of play.

Coaches should encourage their players to play, think and act faster.

Other improvements could be changing the substitution rule from unlimited subs to three or four per game. This would get the players more used to the professional game.

Also, the timeout rule should be taken out. Timeouts just stop the flow of play and slow the game down. Soccer (I know it's called football, but for the sake of this article, let's refer to the sport as soccer) is a free flowing sport and should be played that way.

Despite all of the shortcomings of college soccer, there have been some quality footballers that have emerged from the college soccer system.

Let's take a look at some of the most influential players that have emerged from college soccer.

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