We Bid Thee Adieu Derek Anderson

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We Bid Thee Adieu Derek Anderson

We Bid Thee Adieu Derek Anderson

That didn’t take long.

When I spoke to Brady and told him that we were all behind him and that he had to kick Derek’s ass to be the starter, he laughed and looked over at his manager. It was a polite laugh nothing to it. As I look back at the pictures, the look he gave his manager was more like,“Don’t I know it.” His manager laughed as well. Brady’s the gravy train after all.

But I know Brady better now. We know he has no animosity towards Derek. They were friends in Cleveland; better competitors, good teammates. Brady has nothing but the best of intentions and wishes for Derek. We also know Brady has drive. He has ambition, and this is very good news.

Mr. Quinn may not admit it, but he must be experiencing schadenfreude, a German word which roughly translates to “shameful joy”. It means the joy we sometimes cannot help but experience when we hear about another’s misfortune. Scratch that. We here at www.brady-quinn.org DEFINITELY are.

As I mature, and take the criticisms of bashing Derek unnecessarily to heart, I do want to thank him for what he did in 2007. It was lucky for us that we followed Brady to Cleveland from Notre Dame. He did not get to start, but it was still with a successful team thanks, in part, to Derek. Lots of face time for the Quinn-man. And, of course, this led to lots of prime-time viewing as ESPN and other affiliates picked up and broad-casted the Browns. Who would have thunk it?

Derek’s leaving is not a time for celebrating. It is a clarion call that there is a new czar in town and he’s got a plan. It is a time to get back to work. Brady is part of that plan, and this opportunity will not go by the wayside. He is a most determined, sincere man with a work ethic scarcely unparalleled in such a fierce competitive sport. For those of you who want the Browns to do well; there is change coming that you CAN believe in.

No more pics of Derek on his tookus, or gravestones with his name on it. No more kicking the TV, or yelling at my co-workers poking fun at the Browns. No more rants on the Brady Quinn message board or waiting in line to fill my Xanax prescription before and after games. There is optimism in the air and it is not all about Brady. I like what Holmgren is doing. From someone who doesn’t over-analyze every football move and motive (or understand them), I see that there is an intelligent design in Cleveland; and it’s got HOPE written all over it. Those Browns fans better than I call it BELIEVELAND.


Things are going to be heating up, and we here at Brady Quinn Fan are ready. Are you?

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