Seneca Wallace: A Threat to Brady Quinn?

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Seneca Wallace: A Threat to Brady Quinn?

Seneca Wallace: a Threat to Brady Quinn?

No. He is not. He is a treat. The trick will be getting rid of Derek and putting fate back into Quinn’s hands.

Honestly, I have never heard of Seneca Wallace. I thought it was a new variety of apple or something. I did some quick looking up (very quick) and went back to bed. I’m not worried about him at all. In fact I am overjoyed. It all but puts the last nail in Derek Anderson’s Cleveland Coffin.

Unlike some reports that Seneca some how threatens Brady’s position with the Browns, I try to maintain a straight face when I think of Derek Anderson leaving the Browns. Hey. Do YOU have an extra 2 MILLION DOLLARS to keep Derek Anderson around? And if you do, what the hell is wrong with you?

Don’t you remember Derek being booed off the field on more than one occasion? Sure it is in pretty poor taste to boo anyone at their job no matter how poorly they perform, but Derek also has no star power, and that IS Derek’s fault. He had ample opportunity to show us his leadership, and buddy, that ship has now sailed. (I also have not forgotten the grumblings and unhappiness in the stadium when Brady was at his lowest.)

Now, I AM NOT just a proponent for Brady. This is good. I feel competition brings out the best of us and Brady needs the heat turned up under his sore foot to really bring it together. He would agree with this. He has one more year to really show us what he has got. And if you are one of those pooh-poohers of Brady saying he HAD enough time, that is BS. Playing just six consecutive games doesn’t show you anything substantial. Hints and suggestions maybe, but not career ending-wise. ESPECIALLY under such foolish administration the Browns have had to suffer in.

"... Quinn should lean heavily on those two veterans." SHOULDA WOULDA COULDA. Just another does of bad timing and luck for Brady to develop.

Of course, I find that Brady has to piecemeal his entire cadre of catchers again and that cannot be easy. Check out the football card that shows Brady and his star catchers. They are all gone now. Braylon was traded (thank-you) and Jamal retired (too bad).  Now get me a card with Mohamed Massaquoi and Evan Moore; THERE are two weapons Quinn’s got in his arsenal. … … As long as he can stay healthy and focused to develop them, AND given the time and opportunity. If not…  RELEASE BRADY to some other grateful franchise.:!:

This Seneca, THE SHORTEST ACTIVE QB IN THE NFL is 5 feet 11 inches. I cannot begin to tell you how many times I have heard how great it is to have a tall QB looking over the helmets and passing over the heads of the opposition. I’m taller than Brady and a 5′11” person standing next to me makes them look tiny. (Now imagine Brady’s girlfriend standing next to him at 5 feet 1 inch. Now THAT is a cute picture!) And as I was just informed, that Seneca was fighting good ol’ Charlie Frye for the Seattle backup spot after the Browns traded him. That tells me that Holmgren is finally fixing the team up. It is such a strange sensation seeing some rational decisions being made in Cleveland.

Seriously though. Click on this link to see the list of all the apple varieties. Funny how there ISN’T a Seneca Wallace, but there is an Anderson Jonathan.

Wonder if that apple tastes bitter? ;-)

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