Why Is Eddie Jordan Still Pushing His Princeton Offense On The Sixers?

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Why Is Eddie Jordan Still Pushing His Princeton Offense On The Sixers?
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With the Sixers probably not in the playoff race anymore, Eddie Jordan is under some massive fire. Whether or not the 76ers coach is still the head coach next year probably will be decided after this unfulfilling season is over, but Jordan is still going along as if he still will be on the sidelines next season. This is goo on his part. You can't give up, but he is still using his same old ways that has gotten us to where we are now. Case in point: His continuation of implementing his Princeton offense.

To refresh your memory, Jordan was hired over the summer to replace Tony DiLeo, who filled in for a canned Mo Cheeks most of last season. Jordan brought with him the offense that was supposed to be a perfect match for this mostly young Sixers team. Or so we thought.

That hasn't exactly worked out the way we would have liked it, and that early season, 12-game losing skid and the return of A.I put the Princeton on hold, much like Tiger's golf game after the scandal.

But now Iverson is gone for the rest of the season, tending to his 4-year-old daughter's mystery illness, and the team is sinking itself ever closer to a good lottery pick. Mr. Jordan, however, still wants his club to pick up the offense.

"There are times when we're in specific routes and there are times when we're playing out of principle," Jordan claims. "And eventually, that's where I'd like to get to - playing out of principle and not necessarily in specific routes."

Here's a translation: The Princeton offense, when run effectively and with a good group of players, calls for the players to look a the play and react. Once a reaction is made, there should be many choices a player can make as to what comes next. Jordan and a lot of his past and current players have all claimed that it takes an extremely long time to learn.

"I think we're still sticking to some of the same principles on offense," said guard Willie Green, who returned last night against the Magic after riding the bench five games due to a debilitating sprained left shoulder. "Maybe we're running a little bit more wrinkles. It just takes the team continuing to work on it. Everything coach can't call from the sideline, a lot of it is reads. If a guy is denying us, go back door. If he's playing below me, you can make certain cuts. So, it's just about us making better reads, and continue to get better and just work on the offense."

What if these certain players can't handle this certain type of offense? What if a different style of play altogether might be more beneficial to the team?

"Sometimes it just makes it easy if a team is able to be consistent at getting better at one particular thing," Green said. "But sometimes you're dealt a different hand and you just have to try to play the hand that you have the best way you can. I think that's what we've been doing thus far."

By most indications from play style to fans reaction, the hands that have been dealt to the Sixers this season have been folding ones. I personally think that the Sixers should try to look for a new coach next year. This young group of players can't handle the Princeton style play and I don't think the players or the fans should have to go through another losing season. The Sixers should just ride the wave called this season out and end with a good draft pick. We could have made some great deals, one personally I think we could have nabbed was Amare Stoudemire. We could have sent some guys over to Phoniex for him, but we didn't and thats all you can talk about now. What could have been.

Maybe I am speaking my mind to soon about the Jordan-Sixers situation. Maybe the Sixers could pick up the Princeton if they had it one more season. The only problem is that maybe they won't and I really don't want to take the risk. What do you think?

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