Calgary Flames: Is Trading For Kovalchuk Possible?

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Calgary Flames: Is Trading For Kovalchuk Possible?
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Well here we are January 21st 2010 and I am watching the Calgary Flames vs Chicago Black Hawks on TSN and Bob Mckenzie is asked if the Flames or the Hawks would be in the race for Kovalchuk.

"The Calgary Flames are a team that may, and I stress MAY, be interested. However if they are, they're going to have to talk about some of the 'big boys' - like Dion Phaneuf amongst others - to be included." Said Mckenzie.

"I think that at the end of the day, both Chicago and Calgary will be in that group to pursue Kovalchuk and pursue him hard."  Finished Mr. Mckenzie.

Now the Flames lost 3-1 to the Hawks and to be honest the best team won.

But going to bed I could not help but wonder about what was said about the interest that Calgary might have towards Kovalchuk.

Is Kovalchuk the solution to the Flames offensive woes?

Maybe, maybe not but let'shave a little fun here!

What can the Darryl Sutter offer to Don Waddel GM of the Atlanta Thrashers?

Let's play GM a little and see what could be done to bring Kovalchuk here in Cowtown.

What can't we offer?

- Obviously we cannot propose a 1st round pick as we don't have any!

- Blue chip prospect: other than Mikael Backlund who else can we really fford to trade?

What can we offer?

- Core players: Dion Phaneuf, Robyn Regehr, Daymond Langkow and Olli Jokinen might be a possibility.

- A player package: A core player along with a depth player or two.

Now before I propose to all of you what I think this deal could look like we have to look at the business side of this imaginary scenario.

As far as the Flames salary cap is concern we would need to fit Kovalchuk under the cap for this season.

The Thrashers don't have the same problem as they do have plenty of room under the cap.

Kovalchuk will be the most coveted unrestricted free agent since the age of unrestricted free was drop down years ago and his value on July 1st would be out of this world.

This is why if any trade talk occure between the Flames and the Thrashers, the Flames should be allowed to talk to Kovalchuk and his agent about the possibility of signing a contract extension.

Why have the chance to talk to his agent?

Simple answer is that with what you will trade for him you need to secure his services for more than 20 games and playoffs if there are some this year.

So, if the Flames are granted permission to talk to Kovalchuk  and can sign him to an extension here is what I would do as far as a trade is concern:

The Atlanta Thrashers send to the Calgary Flames:

Left Winger Ilya Kovalchuk (who also sign a 4 years extension at ???Million per season).

The Calgary Flames send to the Atlanta Thrashers:

Defenseman Dion Phaneuf and Left Winger David Moss.

I dunno if that would be enough, I dunno if it will happen and I certainly will not hold my breath in hope to see Ilya Kovalchuk in a "C" of Red uniform...

I wonder howwould Kovalchuk look in a #71 Calgary Flames jersey....

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