More Thoughts About Monday Night From a Disgruntled TNA Fan

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More Thoughts About Monday Night From a Disgruntled TNA Fan

This response is not solely aimed at Rocky Getters, and I thank him for putting some things out there, but I also have a couple things to get off my chest.

First off I will pose this question. Imagine that you are on the road to one of the biggest wrestling events of all time. You had to drive 15 hours to get there, and upon your arrival, you find out that the event was moved 5 hours away. You now are faced with either a 5 hour drive to a 3 hour event, or a 15 hour drive back home. How would you feel?

Again. I don't celebrate mediocrity. If I am a bad person for this, then I'm just going to not be liked.

Sadly most of the 'fans' at TNA Impact were just short of paid to be there. One of the well known tactics of both Vince Russo and Eric Bischoff is to plant fans in the crowd to start chants. The "Bulls&!#" chant was almost unanimous. I'm not saying that the "This is wrestling" and the "Who needs Bret?" were definitively started by hired fans, but there's a big chance that it was.

Not to mention, the WWE answered that question. Bret was there just for his own agenda. He had 3 spots in the show. He met with Shawn, was confronted by Jericho, and met with Vince. I personally think more could have been done, but the WWE doesn't overshadow the company with one person like someone else does.

One of the only things that TNA got right is the Styles/Angle match, but the problem with that situation is that no one was watching. TNA pulled their lowest ratings of the night during their main event. That is not good. Not to mention that Hogan went on UFC just a few weeks earlier and claimed that they would pull a 3.0 on that night. They barely...BARELY pulled a half of that with a whopping 1.5 overall. That my friend is Mediocrity at best.

During the main event they pull a 1.1 and a 1.3. That's not saying much. If you combine the total time of the matches that took place on Raw and Impact, they are almost equal at about 48 minutes, the problem with this is 48 minutes of wrestling on Raw isn't that bad given it is a 2 hour show. Impact had 48 minutes of wrestling on a 3 HOUR SHOW. That's not even 1/3 of the time where they could have showcased the one thing that makes them totally different (and better) than the WWE.

We haven't seen the X-Division Champ in a month, and now all of a sudden he is in an 8-Man Steel Asylum match...WHAT THE HELL!?! Now that the night is over, does he go back in the box like Mom's fine China? They botched the return of Jeff Hardy twice. First they announced that he was at the Impact Zone 15 minutes before the show even started. Then when he gets there, they can't do the big 'top of the asylum' spot because Vince Russo had a plan that was humanly impossible...Hmmm imagine that.

TNA has 60 active wrestlers in the company in which only 38% haven't worked for the WWE, and that's not counting the administration. Only 48% of the original TNA talent have held championships, which means only 18% percent of the TNA locker room has both held gold, and not worked for Vince and doesn't use their WWE character to get them over. TNA surely does separate themselves from their competition.

TNA promoted a card that only came half true. They drew in fans with lies such as a strip poker game where they could truthfully only dress down to their wrestling attire, and a Barbed Wire match that can't be done on American TV...

Let's not forget that the return of Hogan was botched from the beginning. We watched him as he was 'on his way', 'getting closer', 'almost here', 'arriving', and 'entering' the Impact Zone for 50 minutes, and the first thing out of Hogan's mouth is "I've been in the back with the TNA Superstars all day?" REALLY?!?

WWE continues to pull out the same ole, same ole week after week, but at least its professional. There could be an episode of Botchamania solely dedicated to TNA's 'Biggest Show Ever'. At least WWE left us with a cliffhanger that should at least get most of their 5.5 million fans to watch again next week, while TNA will have to give away more candy to just to get the Impact Zone back to half capacity so that they can try to entertain the 1.5 thousand people that watched last week...

I know I have gone off on a big tangent/rant on TNA, and as I said before, this is not aimed at Rocky Getters, and I really do appreciate the reply, but I just got a little fired up when I really looked back at what all happened Monday Night.

I would talk about the other side of the coin if it was big enough to be seen from the ground. I am a true believer in getting out of a situation what you put into it, and given that I wrote about 1 paragraph's worth of a positive look at Monday Night War II, it almost equals the 21% of good that came out of that night.

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