1/4/10 Was Bad For Wrestling / A Short Piece About Dissappointment

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1/4/10 Was Bad For Wrestling / A Short Piece About Dissappointment


Bret Hart returned to patch things up with Shawn and attempt to patch things up with Vince.  There was a high level of historical value in what took place at the beginning and the end of Raw Monday night, but what happened in between, I may need help remembering.

The Tag-Team match was interesting, but honestly, what happened worth value, or what happened that we didn't already see a week before.

WWE's biggest problem right now is that they don't move things along.  The pace that take is very lethargic at best.  They are known for having the exact same PPV card for 3 and sometimes even 4 months.  

To sum things up, the only interesting thing that comes from Raw is that Vince, along with most of the WWE staff, thought that an average Raw with pretty wrapping (Bret Hart) was going to beat the return of their 1988 roster to TNA...guess what...they were exponentially correct.


TNA has a PPV in a week... I'm going to repeat myself. TNA HAS A PPV IN A WEEK. This is upsetting. In fact, here (http://www.tnagenesis.com/), visit the official TNA Genesis website. The only thing they care about is Hogan being on more TNA TV. The WWE does a lot of the same stuff over and over again, but I would much rather see the product that is still somewhat entertaining and has a promise of a future, than to watch old guys bumble around in circles.

On TNA's best show, the fans were chanting "BULLS&!#" ten minutes into the show...ARE YOU SERIOUS!!! This is a horrible...HORRIBLE sign.  I will give credit where credit is due, TNA had better spots throughout the show, but Mythbusters proved that you can shine a turd. 

James E. Cornette couldn't have said it any better when he called the Styles/Angle match a diamond in a cow patty. Let me be the first to tell you, I'm not digging in any cow patties to find a diamond. And now, Hogan want's to say that he was thinking of asking Cornette back to TNA, but after his latest comments, he has to re-think things. GIVE ME A BREAK!!! Hogan just realized that he is sitting on a live rocket aimed at the ground. Sure, the fire will be entertaining, and sparks will fly, but eventually its all going to go BOOM!!! and there will be nothing left of TNA.


I do not celebrate mediocrity. I do not promote mediocrity. In fact, mediocrity pisses me off. Thus my anger towards both TNA and WWE. I stress my frustrations about TNA more because there is more of a likelihood that they will turn things around, because, as of now, they still don't even show up on the WWE's radar, which is a problem. WWE needs competition...BAD, and until TNA finds a ball to roll, we will have to just enjoy what WWE thinks is the best for the fans. Monday was overall bad for the entire wrestling business, and with websites like B/R, the wrestling community can reach out with the hopes that someday, someone can see it, and change it instead of tell us how much we don't know about what we enjoy the most. (J.R. will love that one. He hates the bloggers you know)

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