Bandwagon Fans: How to Spot Them

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Bandwagon Fans: How to Spot Them has recently a series of articles on bandwagon fans.  They are everywhere, especially with everything Boston. 

I am a New Yorker, a true-blooded fan of the Giants and Yankees.  People in New York were all of the sudden Celtic fans this June, though?  It seemed curious to me that young people could suddenly develop into Celtics fans. 

The ultimate bandwagon, though, is the Boston Red Sox.  The bandwagon is filled up with disgruntled Met fans and Yankees haters.  People have jumped on Boston area teams in New York like none other.

Another huge band wagon team is the Dallas Cowboys.  They are "America's Team", so everyone loves them.  There are plenty of Cowboy fans in NY—in fact I have a family friend who the father is a Giants fan, son is a Cowboys fan.

But people tend to question the proximity to the home of the team that you are a fan of.  Frankly my take is that you can root for whoever you want—this decision is made at a young age 10 years old or so, but you must stick with that team. 

For example, when I was growing up, the Yankees were winning championships and that's really all I knew. I am still a fan, but that really isn't saying much though, because it is the Yankees and it is easy to be a fan of them. 

But I picked up the Giants at a young age as well, and still watched all of their games, even in a dismal 4-12 2003 season.  I would always defend Eli Manning against other Giants fans.

Sometimes people also fail to differentiate between rooting for a team as opposed to being a fan of a team. 

For example, in the NBA finals you could root for the Celtics, but that doesn't mean that you are a fan.  I rooted for the Lakers because of my hatred for anything Boston because of the Red Sox.  But I didn't go around saying I was a Lakers fan and try and make up some connection with them.

If your city or area (Knicks, Nets type of thing) are you allowed to root for both teams, you can root for both, but when they play each other you have to pick one. 

Personally I don't do this, but I do not hate the Jets, Mets, Nets, or Islanders. 

However, though, as a New Jersey Devils fan I have a strong hatred for the Rangers, who are the only NY area team I don't like. (NY area is NY, NJ teams)

That brings up another point though—because I am from New York, am I allowed to be a Devils fan? 

I say I am, because there are three teams in the area, and the reason I got into hockey was because of Martin Brodeur and the Devils.  I have stuck with them since I was young, but once again I understand that this is easy for me to say because they have won three cups. 

Another question is if you are a Knicks fan like I am, can I borrow another NBA team until the Knicks become respectable?  I consider the Suns to be my fallback team because they are exciting to watch and I attend the University of Arizona.  But when it comes down to it, I am a Knicks fan. 

Another question I have regards changing your level of fanaticism depending on how good the team is—bandwagon-ish?  No, it's simply being fair-weather, but even if you are watching a game of your favorite team but it's meaningless it is hard to get excited about it. 

An example of this was with the Giants this year, I suddenly found a lot more Giants fans who I didn't know were Giants fans.

On the discussion board someone posted this "I used to like the Bulls but now Im a big Celts fan. I've always LOVED the Patriots. And I used to like the Yankees but now the Red Sox because I moved." 

That's a flat out joke. This person defines front-runner or bandwagon fan.  Switching from Yankees to Red Sox is being a traitor, it is treason. You can't be a big fan if you ever switch your allegiances.

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