Sheamus Wins?!? These and Other Thoughts in The Aftermath of WWE TLC

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Sheamus Wins?!? These and Other Thoughts in The Aftermath of WWE TLC

First off, let me state my opinion. Sheamus is not a disgrace to the WWE Title, but I do think the writing staff rushed it a little. I think that the value of the belt has been tarnished a little. But with that said, I was shocked. I was watching the PPV with about 15 people and when Cena went through the table everyone stopped breathing, and mouths were on the floor. NO ONE SAW IT COMING!!! People didn't speak for about 2 minutes before they could finally grasp what they had just seen. The camera shots of the fans after the match told the story. People couldn't believe what just happened. It left me wondering when was the last time that the WWE just fooled everyone?

The ending of the match was brilliant.  Why?  Because it was the type of ending that left you saying, "Wait? He just fell, right?" or, "It can't end this way."

When Cena hit the table, I said to myself, "That won't count because he fell, he wasn't put through the table." Before I could finish that thought, the bell rang and Sheamus' music hit, and I, along with most of the wrestling world sat and stared at a moment that will live out for years to come.  

I have been one to accuse the WWE of trying to hard to make moments (WM 25) instead of just letting them happen.  Last night they did just that.  The TLC match for the Tag Belts was ok, but what people all over the world are talking about is the ending to the WWE Title Match and the new WWE Champion Sheamus.  

The one think that I think is funny is that people are now complaining that John Cena lost the title, when just months ago, people were complaining that he was winning. The ratings, polls, and surveys show that the average fan enjoys John Cena more when he is fighting for the title rather than holding it.  Well now his is in that position, and guess what, given the results from WWE TLC, the door for who can win the belts just got blown wide open.  

Can Kofi logically win the title?...Yes.  Can Shelton logically win the title?...Yes.  Is Orton back in the title hunt?...Yes.  Is the Big Show back in the title hunt?...Yes.  Is Jericho a contender for the World Heavyweight Championship?...Yes.  And if Jericho ends up with the title, can a person like John Morrison win it from him?...Yes. 

The WWE has now developed a wrestler that is a master of Tables.  Edge and Christian are known for their chair swinging abilities.  Shawn, Jericho, Shelton, etc. are known for their good usage of ladders, but since the Dudley boys are still playing around in TNA, the WWE hasn't had a dominant table wielding they do.

Also, now that JeriShow is going to eventually be split, Chris will have to go back to SmackDown, where he will have to face the returning Edge one on one.

People may not have liked the execution of the PPV, but you have to appreciate the fact that TLC was a set-up PPV.  We are now on a completely new road to Royal Rumble, and that sets up for the Road to WrestleMania XXVI.  I ,personally, may not like how things turned out, but I do see a larger picture being painted.

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